I am Writing Something Epic…

Hey guys!

First of all, hello to any new readers or followers of this blog! It’s good to see you here. Secondly, welcome back all the old followers…to my new lovely blog design. Now that the change has really been fully implemented I would love to know all y’all’s thoughts on it. Do you like it?

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BHBR| How to Listen so People Will Talk

Note: I am so sorry for making this post so late, Bethany House! I am doing my best to catch back up!

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A Day in my Life| Lifestyle Post


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Latest Drawings {long delayed post}


I have been procrastinating this post bc 1) I didn’t want to take pictures of my drawings because I was too lazy and 2) I was too lazy to clean all my fair entries up and rescue the drawings from the heap.  😆

But now I am going to do the post.

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The Solar Eclipse| Photography Update


Got a few things to say before I hop in.

  1. I’m out of storage on Lucillian Photography so I’ll post a few photos of my photography ON HERE on occasion. 
  2. I am in a happy mood right now so I will be showing it. 😆
  3. I took a three week break where I took 0 photos. But I now am on the photo run again.
  4. I’m sorry for not being regular in my posting. School and guests have kept me busy and while I love blogging—life is my priority ❤ . 

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BHBR| The Promise of Dawn

Hereeee I am for another Bethany House book review! I have been falling behind in a lot of my internet-y stuff (I’m in for a life update 😉 ) mostly due to my school which I’m trying to do faithfully every day. It’s my last year and I WANT. TO. BE. DONE. FOREVER.

The Promise of Dawn

Under Northern Skies 1.

By Lauraine Snelling

My rating- 4.5 stars



To start off, I will say that as soon as I started reading this book I realized it was very different from what I normally read. But I liked it a lot! It more focused on a family…not so much a couple’s relationship.


What I think about…

~Signe. She’s the main character. A mother of three, once widowed–but now is remarried to a good man. When her husband decides to move to America (from Norway) Signe faces many difficulties especially as she is expecting her fourth child. Throughout the book I love how she steps up and helps out. She’s very patient with Tante Gerd…and that bears fruit. 

~Rune. Rune is Signe’s husband. He makes he decision to leave Norway for many reasons. One of the big reasons was that in America they were promised land of their own. That’s a big deal! I like how he works so hard when he arrives in America despite not being used to the work. One thing I didn’t like towards the beginning is that he didn’t stand up to his ‘boss’ when he’s mean and bullying Rune’s family.

~The plot. I’ll be honest. I had a hard time getting into the story at first because it went a little slow. I felt a little bored at first mostly because I didn’t know what was going on. Things got more interesting when they arrived in America (more specifically at their relatives’ farm).

~Their relatives. I like Tante Gerd later in the story, but at first she’s not very likable. As for Onkel Einar… not a fan. He’s mean, and grumpy, not very moral–and a slave driver. Besides his name I don’t really like him. And I didn’t like him any better in the end.


It felt like home.

This is one thing that I loved about the book. Lauraine describes her details very well. I can smell the sourdough bread baking, I can pretend I’m churning the butter. It just feels like home. Even the wood chopping. Not that I do any of these things at my home. It’s more just that she gives you those details and it feels believable and gives me a happy feeling inside as I’m reading it.

In short, this book felt believable because the things that you would expect to happen at a farm—happen. 



Note: I received a copy of this book from Bethany House in exchange for my honest review. As it was an honest review…a positive review wasn’t required. I could’ve said I hated it and not gotten in trouble. 😀

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BHBR| Beloved Hope

Well lookie here! It’s my monthly review for Bethany House. Ever since I read and reviewed Treasured Grace I had hoped I would get to review this book (and I want to review the rest of the series too!).

 Beloved Hope

Heart of the Frontier Book #2.

By Tracie Peterson

My rating- 5 stars


I love this sequel!

I am absolutely in love with this series so far. I love the prairie setting and the characters. I was happy to see that Tracie also included characters from Treasured Grace (and they were a pretty big part of it, in fact!).

To me this story is filled with journeys.

Hope’s journey, Grace’s continuing journey, Mercy’s journey (I loved how we get a view of her before her story comes out!), Lance’s journey, etc.

When I was done I had a moment of WOW. We went from anger, pain, misery, bitterness–to sweet, loving, trusting in God. This is so amazing. But let’s get a little specific here…

Hope is a lovely character

In the first book we see her as somewhat fickle and flighty. With her string of suitors and her flirtatious mannerisms. But wow! Character development, people.

She’s gone through a lot (read the other book for that) and it shows. I am glad I got to peek into her story as I identified more with her than Grace 😉 .

Re-visitation of old characters

I love when people use their old characters. It’s not so much reusing them as revisiting them. Alex, Grace, Mercy, and other characters return.

Intro to Mercy

Mercy is the sister who seeks education. You have Grace–the healer, Hope the romantic, and now Mercy the learner. I fully expect her to find someone when she goes for school but…for now she’s single. 😉 She’s also very young at the moment. (but prairie days were different)

One thing I like about her is how she doesn’t just go with the flow and marry one of those random proposal guys. (there’s a shortage of woman and plenty of men who need-want wives 😆 .) There are several jerks where they live btw so expect it.

She has dreams of her own, and yet she’s willing to conform her dreams to God’s will. Can’t wait for Cherished Mercy.

And then there’s Lance…

I wasn’t expecting much of a link with the main dude and the first book, so I was surprised when one occurred. This story is told in about the same perspective style as Treasured Grace. It switches from Hope to Lance on a regular basis.

I love the development between Lance and Alex. I am not going to spoil anything that the synopsis wouldn’t spoil so no more details. Just know I liked it. 😉

One part is ermmmmm…

When we get there…there’s a part right after someone gets married where I think it went borderline too close. I didn’t personally feel very comfortable at how close we got to ‘too much’. Basically, it was there to show how someone overcame their difficult past–but I think it could’ve been shown in other less suggestive ways.



Otherwise, I loved it! You should read it. Just read Treasured Grace first (book one). 😀

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Note: I received a free copy of this book from Bethany House in exchange for my honest review. All opinions here expressed are my own. 



Life Update| Strategy & School



What Life Has Been Like





Oh okay…it hasn’t been that bad. It’s been so much worse! Maybe you’ve noticed I haven’t updated y’all on my life? Well, I haven’t. I have been busy. For some reason my mind keeps on wandering around to what I’m going to do after I graduate. I generally know what I want, but now that it’s so much closer I am really just wanting to skip all this in-between stuff and get to that stage. But I’m not there yet so I need to calm down and just enjoy every stage.

What do I actually have left of high school?

I will be graduating sometime 2018. Probably earlier. The classes I currently have left are as follows.

  1. 1 math course (I’m three quarters done with this).
  2. 1 PE credit (physical exercise, this just gets covered as an everyday sort of thing 😀 ).
  3. Photography credit. (fits into the arts credit I think?)
  4. Personal finance. (Dave Ramsey financial peace university course)
  5. 1 grammar course. (not too hard)
  6. Science course—anatomy.


I really don’t have too much left. The courses are relaxed sort of and it’s not too hard.


Places I’ve Gone

Recently I have done several things.

  1. Attended a (college) graduation party. (I was the ‘photographer’) 😉




2. Babysitted a bunch of cute blondie kiddos.




3. Experimented with shutter speed and water.





4. Got cuted out by this adorable puppy (and model) ❤ . +that overcast lighting tho ❤ this photo is unedited.



5. Went to a 4th of July party.


And made a GIF of some pictures I took of a firework.


6. My little sis got bit by something??? We thought it was a snake (copperhead) Her foot (left one) was all swollen up.



7. Playtime with a cute cat that I named Hermione. We are trying to get dad to say we can have her. 😉



8. Doing experiment eye. Taking random photos of people’s eyes.



9. Cow appreciation day~Chick-Fil-A.

photo credit: Ella Boureston.

I had planned to share a semi-dramatic before after picture from like four years ago…but I couldn’t find it.

My little sis and I went with some friends. It was fun.
And then the younger kids…and one bigger one 😉 rode the tractor thingy outside the cfa building.


10. Doing my math every day.

im done bacon and eggs and toast2
This is my favorite thing to see when I’m done with a lesson. p.s the lesson 59 thingy doesn’t reflect which lesson I’m currently on. I have passed this up. 😆


11. Cleaning up for out friend’s arrival. And also eating healthy….

I cleaned the pantry. I have done it a few times before but it gets messy very fast.
My lunch (and dinner): Broccoli soup, onions, and chicken.


12. Indulging myself in creepy vampire editing… *hides in corner at creepiness…*




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Photography Spotlight…|Q.L.P

This is a Quick Lil’ Post I have planned on doing for a little while. I am going to ‘spotlight’ some of my favoritest role-model photographers and also introduce you to some less-known photographers who are emerging and well-worth your follow.

So let’s get this thing on the road.

😉 My Role Models 😉


  1. Sonja Adcock Photography. Sonja is a photographer based in Pennsylvania. I love her work and especially how she uses light. Her style is soft and she specializes in artistic child photography. You can check her out here.

  2.  Photography by Britton. I probably should’ve mentioned these guys first! They are almost 100% my biggest photography role models. They’re a husband and wife photography team (I’m a big fan of that 😀 ) and they travel all over the place to photograph people. They specialize in (pretty much everything) weddings. Their official website can be found here. 

  3. Brittany Elise Photography. Brittany has a very unique style. I love the type of softness her portraits demonstrate. They really are very unique and I think you should check her out. She’s based in Tampa Florida, and specializes in newborn. Check out her website here. 

  4. Madison Photography. This is another big favorite of mine. I just love how colorful Madison’s images are. They’re so so pretty. I follow her on Instagram and lemme tell ya’–her stuff brightens my feed. Madison’s style is ‘creative, bright, colorful, sharp and airy’. Go check her out here. 


And that will have to wrap this part up for now. There are so many others I could’ve spotlighted but this will have to do it for now. I know these photographers will get you motivated to keep being a photographer or at least to enjoy looking at other people’s photography. 😉



❤ Lesser-Known Photographers ❤

This section hasn’t got very many in it as I only put people down if I really love their work and respect them. Truth is, there are a lot of lesser-known photographers out there. When I day lesser known I really just mean emerging, newer, or not started a business yet. So here’s my list.

  1. Sarah Leana Photography. I will be spotlighting her again just as soon as her official website is up but for now I’ll just direct you to her blog. It’s a newer blog but just so you know she’s amazing! Sarah has been a best friend of mine and my family’s for a very long time. She specializes in senior portraits (she took mine if you were wondering). Go and give her a follow! (Her family is going through tough times right now which I highlighted in this post.) Her style is classic, and you can go check out the rest here. 

  2. Natasha Ann Photography. Natasha is a photographer I found online maybe two or three years ago (I am awful at time, it might have been more recently 😉 ) . I found her through her sister’s blog–but I love her blog! She has a really neat natural style. another thing about her style is that she doesn’t edit much. It’s an unusual thing to see but her quality shines through! You should follow her. She has two blogs–one for everything and the other more specifically for photography.

And that is literally it! I told ya’ I didn’t put very many down. 🙂 There are others but I am not currently following very many yet (I have to find them first!).

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What She Made| Fat Bombs

Category~Inspiration         Post~Fat Bombs



Hello, my friends.

Today I wish to share something yummy with you. Or rather, healthy. Healthier…more than yummy. But I like it. Yummy for me.

I have been making…fat bombs. The ones I make have coconut oil as their base oil and coconut oil is very good for you. 😆


I made two types; chocolate and lemon. I will share both recipes with you but they’re very similar process wise.

The Process Pictures









The Ingredients

  • 1 cup extra virgin coconut oil
  •  1/2 cup unsweetened cocoa powder
  • 2 tbsp raw honey
  • 1 tsp vanilla extract
  • 1-3 drops peppermint essential oil. (only use one if it is an edible brand, Doterra for example.)
  • You will need silicone molds or something to shape the bombs.



The Process in Writing 😀

  1. Melt half of the coconut oil called for (1/2 cup) on the stove. Set aside to cool.
  2. Combine honey, cocoa powder, and other 1/2 cup of oil in food processor. Add vanilla extract, and other 1/2 of oil when it’s cool.
  3.  Add Peppermint essential oil and blend in the food processor until well-mixed.
  4. Fill silicone mold with mixture.
  5. Place silicone mold in the freezer and allow fat bombs to harden. (they should be solid)
  6. Remove from freezer and enjoy. Keep them in the freezer (as they will melt!) to enjoy as a delicious snack anytime. You can eat them at your leisure and they are really amazing for when you need something to hold you over.



You can also make lemon fat bombs. I really loved these ones as well, and they were a little sweeter in my humble opinion. 😉




The Ingredients

  • 1 cup extra virgin coconut oil
  • 2 1/2 teaspoons lemon zest (approximately one medium lemon’s worth)
  • 1/4 cup lemon juice (approximately one medium lemon’s worth)
  • 2 tbsps raw honey



The Process

  1.  Melt  half (1/2 cup) of the coconut oil on the stove.
  2. While the oil is melting, zest lemon. Add zest to your food processor.
  3. Juice your lemon, then add lemon juice (make sure there aren’t any seeds!) to your food processor.
  4. Add melted and unmelted coconut oil to your food processor, then add the honey.
  5. Process all ingredients until evenly mixed.
  6. Pour mixture into molds. If you don’t have any molds, you can just let mixture firm in the refrigerator for a while, then spoon morsels onto a parchment-paper lined surface.
  7. Put molds or parchment paper-lined surface into the freezer to solidify the fat bombs. Whenever they become solid, you may eat them!