The Unexpected Journey|Movie review|Part One

Hi Ya’ll! Today just a movie review…Part one. This one is on the first hobbit movie. The Unexpected Journey:

So….it begins with Bilbo writing to Frodo about his adventures….

  download   He explains about Dale…the city which in the book…(and the movie) the dragon Smaug destroys. The dwarves under the mountain are ripped from their home. In the book Thror (Thorin’s father) escapes. But for the rest of his life the longing for his home full of treasure is instilled in his heart. And so (having a secret key) he makes his way back only to be captured by a deadly enemy- the Necromancer. Somehow right before Thror dies at the hands of the Necromancer Gandalf the Grey finds him. Thror gives Gandalf the key to his homeland asking Gandalf to give the key and a map to Thorin his son, if ever Gandalf finds him. Unfortunately, the movie doesn’t follow the book here: When Gandalf (at Mr. Baggins’ house) gives the key to Thorin….Thorin says that he believes his father (Thror) still lives. That, of course is not the case. Gandalf doesn’t believe that Thror still lives…but if they had followed the book- wouldn’t Gandalf have known? After all Gandalf says in the movie: “Thorin, your father hasn’t been seen for years.” which implies he doesn’t know what happened to Thror.

But what happens next? Well Gandalf goes searching for the 13th member of their adventure …he remembers a little boy who always used to dream about adventure- Bilbo Baggins. Bilbo, however…has gotten used to the life of a Hobbit. He has a good reputation: he never does anything unexpected, eats 8 small meals a day, lives in a comfortable Hobbit hole (which he inherited from his rich parents)…he’s a good Hobbit!!! But of course flowing in his veins is a teensy tinsy little bit of unexpectedness…his mother’s ancestors- the Tooks.  

To be continued… part two.

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