So Proud | Art From My Two Students

HI! So did ya’ll know that recently I have been ‘teaching’ two of my siblings some art techniques?

Hannah's Butterfly
Hannah’s Butterfly
Josiah's Antelope
Josiah’s Antelope

Well….I’m so proud to share some results!! Hannah has been working on this picture for a little while…hoping to give it to a friend for her birthday. I think she did a fantastic job. Nice work, Hannah!! Notice anything? Yes! This was done using the same picture that I drew…I drew my butterfly pic. as a quick version to see if it’d be too hard for Hannah to start on! WOW!! I think Hannah’s is way better than mine:) Josiah’s antelope, on the other hand, he begged to be aloud to draw:) He is really wanting to attend art class and will be very talented. Hope y’all like these!



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