The Hobbit/The Desolation of Smaug/Movie Review

Today I’m bringing out the Desolation of Smaug’s Movie Review . I’ll just start right in on Plus and Critiques for this movie…agree?



1. The barrel riding is funny…but not accurate.

2. Did anybody notice the she-elf but me?? They always add romance to make it juicy…but really! That’s not accurate. Tauriel just doesn’t click with the book.

3. The elves capture of the dwarves isn’t accurate either. In the book the dwarves are hungry so they run in the midst of various wood elf parties…and unintentionally trigger the spider’s attention.


4. The Tauriel- Kili romance. One of my friends commented that: “they ruined my favorite dwarf!” They really did!! Look…elves and dwarves don’t even get along all that well…and they definitely didn’t get married or have romance like that. We can all expect some mushy scene where Kili dies 😦

5. Gandalf getting captured by the Necromancer. Okay, but not very accurate.

6. Producers: if you want to win me over don’t add these things. I could go on with a few more points but I haven’t got time.


1. I like how they read Legolas into the movie. Nice one! However, if they were going to do romance they should have made it realistic. Elves marry Elves, Dwarves marry Dwarves.

2. Okay, I like Bilbo’s rescues. They are funny.

3. I like the use of Benedict Cumbebach’s voice for Smaug. I also like the animation for Smaug.

4. I actually really enjoy the movies a bunch…it’s just Hollywood always has something I don’t agree with:)

Sorry this is soooo….late.




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