Graduation Cards


Recently, my brother and sister graduated high-school. So…I drew them each a card. Here they are:

The Bald Eagle
The Bald Eagle~ Caleb’s Card
Pink-ishΒ  Tulips ~Hannah’s Card

What do you think? I drew the tulips first, it was boatloads of fun to draw all the detail inside the petals. Tulips and Hydrangeas are my favorite flowers. I had been hoping to draw a flower of some type for Hannah- then I saw a picture of some pretty pink tulips and I thought to myself: “Oh wow, that’s exactly what I wanted!”. Caleb’s card was harder to find, (like finding gifts for him every year at Christmas:) Then I decided an eagle would suit him. He’s bold and brave so I figured-“Perfect!” only problem was…..I couldn’t find any pictures to start drawing from. I looked all over the place for an eagle. Finally, I found one. This was the result. Thanks for looking!



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