WIRW| Let’s DO this!

Welcome to What I Read Wednesday.

I’ve finally decided to do a review/recommendation/book blurb thingy. Or…should you read this or shouldn’t you? πŸ™‚ Now for the actual this.

Communion With God

A Puritan Paperback

By John Owen

My rating- 5 stars


I bought this book at the Biblical Worldview Student Conference. I knew it to be a good book- because my Dad (who is a pastor) said it was. And I trust him:). But that’s not why I’m recommending it to you, okay? I promise. I began reading it with high expectations and wasn’t sorry AT ALL. It speaks so richly of God’s love for us. It gives the gospel so clearly. I mean, after all, it’s OWEN. πŸ™‚ If the name of the author scares you, don’t be. This book isn’t written in latin. And it’s not difficult to read. It’s CLEAR. But I will warn you- don’t read this if you don’t want to be convicted of sin in your life. It’s humbling. You start to feel your guilt. But it’s completely worth it. It’s good to be humbled. We need to be reminded of our sin, otherwise our tendency is to become proud. So yes, buy this book.

A Spy’s Devotion

A Regency Romance

By Melanie Dickerson

My rating- 4.5 stars

a spy's devotion

I gotta’ admit, I was excited. I had heard about Melanie Dickerson’s writing in glowing terms. I was just waiting to get to borrow one of her books for free on my Kindle Paperwhite. AT LAST. This one was actually okay to borrow for free.

Nicholas Langdon is a wealthy well connected British officer who has returned home to heal after a battlefield injury. Β He had made a promise to fill a soldiers last dying wish and deliver a coded diary. He attends a lavish ball at the home of the Wilherns, known as one of England’s most powerful families, where he meets their beautiful and intelligent ward Julia Grey. Β The diary is stolen and in route to find it, he uncovers a plot to devastate the nation of England. Β Will Nicholas and Julia work together to save their country?

This is one of the product descriptions I found off the internet. Just to give you that without spoiling anything. I enjoyed reading the book. It was very romantic, I’ll just admit that right off. I mean, it is a romance novel. I found the plot to be engaging. It made me want to know how things would turn out. I was pleased that there were actually references to God in the book. It’s technically a christian read. Just please, if you’re going to read it- don’t let it swallow you into fantasy land…don’t let it take your focus off God to rest in romantic idealism. It’s enjoyable to read…just MAKE SURE you don’t let it take over your life:). But yes, if you want a clean romance…(there is a lot of kissing towards the end with the descriptions, just to give you a heads up on that) read this book. But it’s not one of those awful inappropriate romances- it’s clean. And the plot has an adventure plot towards the end. It made me ‘grip my seat’ (so to speak) as she got involved in the nation saving. Do read.




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