People Post #9: Peggy Carter


I did it. I actually did it…this drawing is a tribute to all who are Peggy Carter fans. I know it’s not great or marvelous…but I did it. This drawing is to honor the character herself who has been ‘killed off’ in the newest Captain America movie. 😦

Peggy Carter
Fairly accurate color- full length.
Fun two-sided view.
See my ‘Cap’ shield signature? The little bit of skin you can see is the most accurate color.

I HATE how I have to use a webcam to take photos now…such bad quality! Although the last image isn’t too bad. There’s a whole lot more detail in her hair…and her skin isn’t quite so pale as it looks in the first two pictures. Like I said, the last one is so…much…better. Color wise, anyway.

This is my absolute favorite photo of Peggy. One of my absolute favorite shirts she wears, too. The black and white version of this photo was technically my reference photo.


                                 How do you like it?



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