Verse for Life


This Bible verse is my verse for life. I read over these verses yesterday…and yes they’re familiar. But maybe that’s part of my problem. I take these verses for granted. I don’t take a look at them with eyes that devour. Heheheee…that probably sounds…

W E I R D.

But seriously…I read the verses in a slow, pondering, meditating sort of way. And I benefited greatly.


do the same.png
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So many problems in this world stem from (yes, sin, OF COURSE) identity issues. People are looking to find “Who they truly are” and trying to satisfy themselves with the fleeting pleasures of sin. Their identity isn’t in Christ…so it’s in the world. To put it in a more forceful way: Their identity is in the devil. They’re following him.

But here’s the catch. Many people who call themselves Christians (identifying themselves as Christ-followers) think it’s okay to act like the world. To be pulled in by the world’s mold.

Now here’s the second catch. WE act like we don’t believe God is here! I do, you do, we all do. That’s called Practical Atheism. We sin…acting as if God can’t see us. We won’t get in trouble…because no one SAW us. Problem is, someone always sees us. Someone is there who we can’t fool. And it is to Him that we’ll have to give an account. To wrap it up, I’ll just ask you a question. Are you trusting in Christ alone for salvation? Nothing and no one else can satisfy. You can sear your conscience until you can’t feel anything…but in the end- this life is FLEETING. It fades away. But the next ‘life’ is eternal. In short, (nod to John Calvin 🙂 ) Christ is the answer. He alone can save.


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