5 Reasons You Should Keep Writing

Jasper & Horace: “We’re giving up…”                       Cruella De Vil:“Oh no, you don’t!!”


We writers have all been there.

Scenario 1. Blank page, writer’s block, no ideas.

Scenario 2. You’ve gotten a brilliant start…but now you’re in the middle. Oh…that torturous feeling! You want to give up.

Scenario 3.  Your choice of frustration.

“No ideas! Useless empty brain!” ~ Hiro from BIG Hero 6.

Why in the world would you continue? You’re stressed, there are other things you could be doing…etc. You get the picture.


This is a link to an ebook that I just read on writing. That’s a side reason to not give up. Yesterday, after doing some more school…I went pinterest crazy. And I found several posts with what I call Writing Helps in them. I would love to share the links (or the board itself!) to the posts if any of you are interested. But today…I found a post- two of them.  I will be relying somewhat on them…so don’t get mad 🙂 . I will include the links to them…but I will also try to use MY experience in the points. I’m not using their stuff all the way around or there would be TEN reasons. *smiling coyly right now*. 🙂


  1. You started this. If someone else had started it or pulled you into it that’s one thing. But no, this is YOUR heart on paper. You were the one who got this going. One thing that can help to drag you out of this is remembering why you started. Or maybe WHAT you started. (How you started? 🙂 )
  2. You have control over your writing. Yes, this came off another blog. But as soon as I read it–I was like: “Oh yeah. This is what I always tell myself whenever I’m getting frustrated by a turn that my characters created in the story! I always tell myself that while the characters have the stage– I’m the stage writer/director.”. I get to call the shots. I’m not saying never let your characters ‘speak’–I’m just saying, remember who’s boss in this production.
  3. Continuing is the only way to get better and conquer this. “If at first you don’t succeed try, try again.”. That’s right, keep right on going. If you can’t figure out how to make this scene in your story work…look for a new angle. This could mean a few things:–a. Maybe chopping this scene out and adding something else in it’s place. b. Possibly adding a different character in the scene who would spice it up. For instance… Joe has gotten pulled into bank robbery because he needs money to feed his family. He’s supposed to meet Mr. Blank name at such-and-such location. Instead of having everything go as planned for Joe–maybe the police show up. Maybe you could turn the scene into an epic chase scene instead of Joe going home without getting caught.
  4. You may be more inspiring than you think. If you never finish– you never know if you can be an inspiration. If you never succeed, you never receive the crown of satisfaction. You never get the huge ‘I’m done!’ smile on your face. And you never know how God will use your writing. He promises to work all things together for the good of those that love Him. If you are a Christian writer–you have the wonderful opportunity to share the gospel through your writing.
  5. You owe it to your characters. You started this, you must finish this. You created Dorothy who got blown on a cyclone to another land. You must find a way to get her home. You created Lenna Rone who got stuck on an island and had to learn to survive. You must bring her home. Peter Pan must beat Captain Hook. Your character deserves to have an ending. My character Annastasia must find out who her father’s murderer is and win the war. How I will accomplish that, who knows? 🙂 but I have to figure it out! Now it’s your turn.


Anyway, I hope this was helpful. As promised–here are the two post’s links:



Just to clarify, as promised–I didn’t rely all on them. I also don’t agree with them on everything. But I did find them helpful, in different ways.

So don’t give up…keep writing! Work out those kinks– and make sure there aren’t any chinks in the armor of your writing. I rhymed. 🙂 I used to do that ALL the time.





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