Four Months Left


Today is September the first–so is anyone else interested in making homemade Christmas gifts? I am, obviously. 🙂 I am now going crazy with the realization that in just FOUR MONTHS–Christmas will hit us. Okay, fine! 3 1/2 ish months. I always make all my Christmas gifts…which means I hit pinterest with a vengeance (and create a secret board called ‘gifts for Christmas’.) and find something that my family will like love. I like love making all my gifts. And it saves money, too! Now what is the point of all this blabbering? Well, it was obviously (I say that too much) definitely because I wanted you to worry about gifts this year. I mean, why else would I mention it? 🙂


This photo is to make you wish we were in the prairie days…where they put apples and oranges in stockings. That was their gift. Why are we so demanding …ahem…American these days?


Now you are actually supposed to be wondering if this post has any point at all. Does it? AHA, my friends, AHA–remember what I said in my ‘about’ page? I said something to the effect of “this is my all-purpose” blog. So see…I can post anything my heart desires! I am a THE queen of randomness.  But anyway…here are some of my previous Christmas gifts.

Hand-drawn cards for Mimi & Papa.
A very colorful rose for Grandma Carol.
A circular doodle. It’s cute…and easy to draw. U can be creative.
Handmade paper flowers. I actually made a mini version of these and attached them to a barrette.


I hope this got you thinking about gift ideas. Y’know churned you up? 🙂




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