The Tiger

Hello there!

I’m a week late for this particular post (I said I’d be done last week…but apparently I wasn’t  🙂  ) but–‘better late than never’, right? So here is my tiger…


I’m getting better at taking pictures using my computer’s webcam…

I am thinking of touching him up some more (especially in the eye and snout areas) but then I’m gonna’ call it a day with him. This drawing took longer than I expected, although I suspect I could’ve gotten him done quicker at home. Though he might not have turned out quite as well? 🙂 For some reason I’m finding myself slowly addicted to ‘big cats’. I seem to draw them the most out of everything. But don’t worry…based upon blogger requests– I’m going to take a crack at drawing Cinderella from the movie that came out recently and I will be mostly focusing on her face. I am a leetle tinsy bit nervous here…as this will be my first time actually tackling skin color. Sure, I’ve cheated. But this is (hopefully) the real thing. So there you go!


What would you like to see me draw more of?

What have y’all been drawing lately?

Anyone getting ambitious and taking on any drawing challenges?

Do you like ‘big cats’?

Did you like the Cinderella movie?



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