Minuet in G for Ukulele

Hey Guys!

I TOLD you I would be back. And I also told you I would post Ukulele stuff. If you’re not interested, that’s okay. You don’t have to read this…you can just click the handy-dandy little ‘delete’ button. 🙂 But here I have a piece that I printed off the good ole’ internet. It’s my favorite one to play…and I’m almost ready to say I have it down. I want to actually memorize it though. Here it is:



As you can see…I snagged this leetle freebie off of 8notes.com . One thing that I have found harder is finding FREE uke music that isn’t easy peasy. I want a small challenge. I want to ACTUALLY get better. And so I am happy to have found this piece.

For any of you who play piano…the melody line at the top is for the piano. I like having that piano melody line up there. It helps me to figure out how the piece should sound on my uke. I also play piano. Not very well…and I don’t take lessons anymore. But I know enough to make it helpful for my uke practice.

p.s- I have a soprano ukulele. This piece should work for tenor, and soprano ukuleles.

Any uke players out there?

Do you know any websites with free uke music (not chords)?

Anyone like Bach’s Minuet in G?

Would anyone like to see more uke stuff?


I love comments, and profitable discussion. Feel free to comment, just please keep comments respectful and free of any profanity or bad language.

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