Blogger Review Program?

Hey guys!

I have this leetle tag on my blog now…and it’s a blogger reviewer button! Yep, I’m joining a blogger reviewer program. If you are wondering…it’s Bethany house’s review program. I am already on the list to receive a book (which I am watching the mail for expectantly).

How it Works

  1. You sign up.
  2. You give them (Bethany house) some basic information on yourself.
  3. You give them the link to your blog.
  4. You get a monthly newsletter with titles that are up for review.
  5. You select the book you want to review (it’s first come first serve, as they only have so many copies to deal out.).
  6. It shows up eventually, and you read it.
  7. You post an honest review on your blog and a retailer website.
  8. You submit a form for the book on Bethany house’s website.
  9. You get to keep the book!

*There is more information on this site. Also be sure to check out their FAQ page.


So anyway…expect to start seeing Bethany house book reviews. There will only be ONE once a month, unless I decide to review a non-fiction title as well.


Are any of you guys on blogger reviewer programs?

What is your favorite genre to book review?

To read?




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