If at First You Don’t…




Today I’m doing something a little different. A post on failure…(so popular, right? 🙂 )

In my albeit short life, I have undergone a lot of (what I would consider) failures. Mostly in my crazy craft life. Other failures include:

a. writing endeavors.

b. drawing endeavors.

c. picture-snapping endeavors.

d. etsy business endeavor.


Thankfully, I’m told we all make mistakes. But…that doesn’t make an excuse for mediocrity. So…how should we handle the failures? First off, I would say…

  1. DON’T QUIT!!!!

In my humble opinion, quitting is the true failure.

2. Observe the ‘failure’ and try to figure out where you went wrong.

This may be the singularly most helpful thing you can do. There have been so many things like this for me personally. Let’s take a pretty popular high-school example: math. (There are plenty of people who like it, I know…) I for one, am going through geometry. And I’m finding that it’s getting harder. I have to apply this tip to geometry all the time! I go back and observe where I went wrong…and I study so that NEXT TIME- I won’t make the same ole’ mistake.

3. Keep it in your mind that this should be done for God’s glory.

Too often, I think we make the mistake in thinking that everything we’re working for is for us! Talk about needing a shift in focus. I’m always wishing I could remember this in my hour of frustration. If I was setting my mind on higher things, I probably WOULD remember this whenever I’m frustrated about something.

To close this brief study on failure I will share a quote that I love on failure (funny that I love something relating to failure 🙂 ).



NOTE: Just so y’all know, I do NOT consider myself an expert on any topics I pick up on this blog. Really, writing all this out helps me more than anyone. As I write my thoughts, I am able to think more clearly about things. This blog really is talking to myself most of all!


What are things YOU have ‘failed’ at and want to ‘try, try again’?

Do you have any additional things that have helped you deal with failure?

What are your thoughts on failure?





I love comments, and profitable discussion. Feel free to comment, just please keep comments respectful and free of any profanity or bad language.

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