Vacation| Part Three| 11/4

Welcome to Vacation| Part Three| 11/4 !!



Bright and early the kids were up playing games, so I took a picture of cousin Emmett. He looks like he can’t decide to cry or smile 🙂 .
And this one hasn’t been posted anywhere until now.


Yeah, then we all went swimming in the lake…and found a dead fish that a blue heron had left. Sorry, the blue heron didn’t stick around for me to take a picture of. 😉
And there were flowers down there…I reused a picture. 🙂
And here’s a picture I haven’t posted before on either website. It was a dried out former flower of some kind, I think.
And here’s E. (the brave one), in the freezing water. I got into it too–later. But seriously! It was                                                                                                                          F R E E Z I N G.



Theo just barely got his feet in and was squealing. “Theo, I don’t blame you at all. You really were the bright one to not get in all the way…” BRRR…

Then our cousins went home, and we did whatever until later. Then we went to their house to pick them up so we could go to State Street. You stand on one side of State Street and you’re in Virginia, the other side–and you’re in Bristol.

At our relatives house, our friend Benjamin–played around with Emmett who actually had a smile on his face. 
Steven and Nathanael talking in the car on the way to State Street.
Mom took a picture of H. and I with the ‘Sidetrack Tobacco’ Indian. My apologies for the blurriness!
H., Uncle Adam, and B. talk about this interesting guy with the guitar. 
Along our walk we eventually came upon this park, and it has some 1940’s statue people. 
Here’s the girl. I have portraits of all of them, but I think I’ll save the men for later 🙂
I went walking around the park, and came upon this neat piece of aircraft. I guess it’s probably supposed to be WWll as well. Someone painted a shark face on it 😀 .
H. and Emmett. 


And there’s this nice little place in the park where you can just sit down and relax.
And then H. held a leaf…
Emmett kept dragging Chica (the chihuahua) around on this leash. Chica didn’t appreciate Emmett’s controlling her. 😉
Get a load of the LOOK on Chica’s face, See? She’s not enjoying herself.
Then J. showed me a little body of water…with some ducks in it. The ducks kept moving though.
The water was gorgeous, and all those reflections–not to mention the fall colors.Yeah, the telephone lines are annoying…but I suppose there wasn’t much I could’ve done about that 🙂
The leaves are so pretty in the fall.
As we were walking back to the car, we came upon this lovely old episcopal ( 🙂 )church. 
And J. got up by the red door on the other side. 


And that’s what we did on 11/4!



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