Sibling Student Art| Rose


Another quick post (taking a break from taking a break from blogging for one more post) to show you a drawing that Nathanael (my little brother) did about a month ago now.

Title: “The Red Rose”  Artist: Nathanael Figura  Media: Crayons and black ink pen.

I think he’s a lot better than the last time when I posted one of his drawings. He’s really improved at grasping the actual shape of whatever he’s drawing. This is actually only like the second drawing I’ve done with him. I thought I would post this in honor of the fact that I won’t be attending art classes anymore–which was the main reason this blog was founded. But don’t worry, I won’t stop drawing. It’s the kind of thing where no matter how much you may want to be done–you never will. Mostly because I like it too much 🙂 .

Here’s his first drawing of a panda bear that he drew with me (for your comparison).



I think the area that he needs the most work on right now is blending. Particularly background blending. But I am also certain he gets better every time.


What do you think?

Do you ever hold mini ‘art classes’ with your siblings?

…Or any other kind of class for that matter?



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