Is It Already (almost) the New Year?

Hey guys!

Oh dear…this year has flown. FLOWN. I am still trying to process how the year ran off and is about to land me in 2017. 2017??? Eeeeeeeee….sorry. It seems like just yesterday that I was bemoaning the fact that 2015 was going so slow. I really wanted to be sixteen. And now I’m sixteen…and feel just about the same 🙂 .

BUT…that aside…what’s my game plan for this post? Well, I think I want to take a slightly different angle. I have always thought that I (personally) shouldn’t live out my life story on social media. However, I love blogging. Honestly, I just love writing. I also love to be able to share parts of my life. I pray that when I write things it will be encouraging to my readers and will give glory to God. So…I think this post will be in four sections:

  1. Events of the year.
  2. My unique blessings.
  3. Thoughts on the new year.
  4. Dreams for 2017.

There will almost certainly be run over into the different sections and overlapping. I apologize for that in advance.

❤ Events of the Year ❤


There have been a lot of different things that happened this year. It’s been a good year. These are things I liked (in no particular order).

  1. I got (back) into photography on a point and shoot. 


2. I started posting more regularly on this blog! 🙂

Guys…guess what? I just looked to see how many posts I wrote this year compared to last year and the year before that…and this year’s posts including this post and the other post I’ll be posting is…76!


3. I turned sixteen. 

Why did I include a photo from a long time ago? Well…I thought it would be a cool comparison. 🙂

4. I got a DSLR camera and started Lucillian Photography.


5. We went on a vacation to visit some family members.


6.  We celebrated Christmas with our family members. 

No, they’re aren’t posts on any of this stuff YET. 🙂

7. Visiting a friend’s woodworking exhibition. 

8. Working on my non-existent etsy business (which will hopefully be existent in 1-2 years 🙂 ). 

9. Visiting friends around the holidays. (another new thing!)



10. Renewing our friendship with childhood friends this weekend. 


So with that I end this section. There are more things…but these really stick in my mind.

🙂 My Unique Blessings 🙂

  1. Christ dying in my place, obeying the law perfectly for me, and rising again from the dead that I might be saved.
  2. Being privileged with a wonderful family who loves me and share the same faith.
  3. Being showered with everyday needs and many things which I don’t need but love.
  4. The Spirit’s ministry.
  5. Fellow friends and believers in the walk of faith.
  6. The gifts I have been given and the opportunity to hone them. I am thinking specifically of my DSLR camera.
  7. BOOKS!!!! I love books.
  8. The lovely chance to renew my friendship with some of my childhood friends.
  9. The fact that I am probably finally graduating later in 2017. 😉 :p
  10. My older sister. I love my sis. Yeah, we fight sometimes–but I am so grateful for her. I am so grateful as I look at our relationship now  as compared to when we were younger.

That ends this section…there are MANY more blessings–but this is taking a long time. 🙂

😉 Thoughts on the New Year 😉

As I already mentioned–I can’t believe 2017 is pretty much here. I know there are so many things that ‘dramatized’ this year–and I can’t help secretly hoping it isn’t so eventful next year. And if it is…I hope it isn’t the negative kind of drama. God has given us many things to sharpen us and draw us closer to Him this year. And that’s what life as a Christian ought to be. The fact that I sit here in such comfort is amazing. Over the years I have gotten the opportunity to study the early church/ the early church’s Christians. And the persecution was massive. I can’t help but wonder what would happen to us if the Lord brought intense persecution our way? I pray there would be a revival–instead of many denying Him and falling away.

But…perhaps you’ve been wondering why this is so dismal sounding? Don’t worry—I AM actually looking forward to 2017! There are many things wonderful that almost certainly could happen. God blesses His people above what we could ever ask or think! And I am looking forward to all the wonderful things He will bring. But I thought I would address that in the next section 🙂 .

Dreams for 2017


  1. I am really excited about photography in the coming year. There are always so many unique and new opportunities. And since I didn’t get a white Christmas–I want a semi-white January now :p !


2. End of school?

3. New and exciting things. I don’t know what, and that’s what makes it so exciting. There really are so many things that could happen in a new year! I mean, just think of all the unexpected things that came this year!


4. Anything amazing that happens to happen! 🙂 Literally anything. This includes anything else I’m excited for.

Well, Happy New Year’s Eve! Also Happy New Year too. I look forward to continuing to blog in 2017. I can’t make promises that I will be really faithful at it–because I will be busy. But–I can say I probably will still blog.



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