BHBR| The Chapel Car Bride

Howdy! (next time I’ll say ‘salutations’ 🙂 )

Here’s the newest one from Bethany House, and also my book review for April. Basically, if I’m quick at the draw…I’ll have one book from them a month. If I don’t want to review any of the options they have (which I’ve done before)…then I don’t 😀 .

The Chapel Car Bride

By Judith Miller

My rating- 5 stars ❤

chapel car bride.jpg

Look at this lovely cover! I’m in love with that dress she’s wearing. ❤ One thing I love to think about is what the design of the cover and the image are trying to tell you about the book. Originally, when I got this book I had actually forgotten that this was the one I had lined up! lol. And so…I thought to myself: “Oh no. It’s probably about a Mail Order Bride. And I hate those.”. But it wasn’t. And I loved it.

From now on I’m keeping my records in better order. I think I’ll place entries in my reading journal about the books when I receive the confirmation emails in the future. Order is a good thing to have, right?

Reasons why I loved it…

  1. It was a neat idea. In the past I haven’t come across any novels that have things about preachers in a train car. It’s a fun and interesting idea to me. New for me anyway. On the other hand, I HAVE come across a lot of missionary-sent-out-by-organization books.
  2. The mining theme. While this seems a little overused in some regards- I still like it. This time period had a lot of mining and miners, and so it’s natural. Anyone remember the beginning of the When Calls the Heart series? 😀
  3. The gospel theme. In normal christian fiction a lot of the time you’ll have a gospel presentation of some sort. In this case though, it’s more of a major theme to the plot. Especially given the fact that the main character’s dad is a pastor. 
  4. The discipleship moments. I love it when Hope’s dad is discipling the young men. It’s always been special watching my dad do the same as a pastor. I guess this book connects to me a little more specifically. 
  5. The main guy. In some ways I like the refined guys, but there’s something so much more believable and masculine in a guy with a pinch less class. The ruggedness, the not talking in complete sentences. I just think it’s more realistic for the ‘guy’ to sometimes give you a fragment. I love Luke’s gentleness, and I personally think it’s funny when the main guys get jealous (especially when there’s no call for it!). 
  6. Mr. Irving/Father & Daughter Relationship. I love their dynamic. One thing I think is so needed is the father/daughter relationship. It’s adorable when you see her heart first her dad’s–and then her man’s. ❤

Things I didn’t like…

  1. Nellie. Sorry people, I just found her annoying. She seems slightly fickle too in some ways. 
  2. The character cliche. I feel like authors are trying too hard to make their main female leads strong and special. I still liked Hope as a character but I think that the headstrong ‘I-got-this’ girl is gettin’ a wee bit cliche. For myself I admire a little less of the take-charge lead characters. I like spunk, but not when it gets too cliche. 😀


And that’s pretty much it! This is a great bit of easy-fun reading. It’s clean, cute, spiritual–and just an enjoyable read.

*My thanks to Bethany House for the free copy in exchange for my honest review. All opinions here expressed are my own (as they always are 😀 )–I didn’t sugarcoat  or anything!



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