My 17th Birthday| The Gifts

I never do this. Ever.

Until today.

This is a ‘what I got’ post. What I got for my birthday. My birthday is today by the way… 😀

First off…the photography stuff.


My camera.

Technically I got this in November of last year. But hey! I finally payed it off (today 😉 ) and most of the people who pitched in said it covered Christmas and birthday. Besides, it’s obviously the best gift ever.

My reflector.

This is a five-in-one popup reflector. This is the gold side. I love it…and I am hoping for more opportunities to use it!



This cute little coloring book. I love the coloring sheets in it. The flowers look more realistic in the pages. From my older sis.
And the other thing from my older sister.
My little sis got me a nice, practical notebook. I love the color!


The Jewelry

My grandma got me this headband from a cute boutique.

My other grandma had these pretty pieces of cameo jewelry that belonged to her mother. They’re all really neat. Most of them are costume jewelry pieces…but still very neat.
This is the glass one from above.


And that’s all for now! There were other things…but I decided to just stick with family gifts 😉 .




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