BHBR| Wings of the Wind

Welcome to the May book of the month, which I received from Bethany House!

Wings of the Wind

By Connilyn Cossette

Out from Egypt Trilogy #3.

My rating- 5 stars!



This is the final book in the Out from Egypt (what ended up being) Trilogy. I was privileged to review the one prior to this—Shadow of the Storm. While I liked Shadow of the Storm, this one is actually my favorite of the two. The first book, Counted with the Stars—I haven’t read. L

When I first started reading this book I think I expected it to be closer in timing to the second book. But this one resumed a good number of years later. While we do see Shira (the heroine of the previous book), she is old and has grandchildren. The advantage is that we get to view where Israel is now. This one covers the events leading to Jericho from the perspective of a young Canaanite woman, Alanah.

I was excited right away when I realized that the finale of the series was going to be from the viewpoint of a foreigner. I liked having that fresh outlook and seeing things from the eyes of a woman of Canaan.

From the beginning you get the flavor of vengeance. A young woman angry at Israel for the death of her brothers. I have always wondered at what the nations must’ve thought of Israel stomping in on their land—and yet it is just. God gives them the victory countless times and gives the nations over to the wickedness of their hearts.

One very telling thing is that Alanah believed she would be treated by the Israelites as her people would’ve treated the Israelites.

But I am getting ahead of myself here 😀 .

What I loved…

  1. Alanah. As I hinted Alanah isn’t exactly set up for success in her view of Israel from the start. She’s a Canaanite. And Israel is invading her land. How would you view an enemy nation?
  2. Incorporation of former characters. Just because they’re old, doesn’t mean they’re dead. Kiya and Shira are the main two I will mention. Both of them were the former heroines from the previous two books. We got to see their individual journeys. And now here they are to share what they’ve learned with a foreign young woman.
  3. That I know he is my favorite male hero. I liked Ayal, but I prefer Tobiah. I don’t think I mentioned that every other chapter is from his view? Basically it goes Alanah, Tobiah, Alanah, and Tobiah…etc. He gets a difficult situation thrown at him, and he proves himself a man of honor.
  4. The biblical historical setting. As I said… (in the other book’s review) I love this genre. It’s all Connilyn Cossette’s fault, too. J I haven’t read terribly many books in this genre…but I love the ones I have read. It’s intriguing to track down history. I especially love the details. In the other book, cloth weaving, midwifery, and the tribe of Levi. In this one hair cutting, fighting, and the tribe of Judah. I love the different places we explore in this book!
  5. The contrasts. Alanah, Canaanite. Tobiah, Israelite of the tribe of Judah. Wickedness of the foreigners (though not all), righteousness of Israel. One thing that is important to note is that Israel was a nation full of sinners. Because all men are fallen. You get to see their wickedness. Connilyn does a beautiful job showing how God is what made Israel righteous ultimately. EVEN THOUGH Israel was a stiff-necked, rebellious people.

 What I was uncomfortable with…

  1. The romance. I liked the romance, don’t get me wrong. I think the relationship is a neat one for sure. I was just a little uncomfortable with the amount of the romance. Yes, marriage ought to be romantic. But do we have to let the reader see so much of it? It wasn’t explicit. It was more the suggestions. I felt the same way about the other book as well. But at the same time, some of the romance was pretty cute. What really defines their relationship for me is the fact that they ended up loving each other despite the roller coasters in their path. So in the end, I just felt that there were a tad too many suggestions. Other than that…


*Thanks for the opportunity, Bethany House, to review another great book for you! All opinions here expressed were entirely my own—a favorable review wasn’t required.



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