Vintage Drawing+ Change 2

Today I will show you an update on my latest drawing. A vintage girl with sunglasses and full lips in graphite.


2017-06-13 11.39.37.png
Sorry this is an awful picture. I’ll do a better one when it’s done 😉 .

At this stage there are many imperfections in this drawing. Its a lot lighter as far as shading goes in person. I need to darken the entire thing and add contrast. This drawing is supposed to be full on drama! Also I haven’t shaded the water in the left spectacle and haven’t shaded the flowers either. The other sunglasses thingy needs all the details off the other one added in. And I’m on a deadline…so…I need to get this done.

And now for the second change which has to do with design and scheduling.

Change #2.

If you’ve seen the new page on my blog you nigh be the wiser on this point. It is now my intention to only post around once a week. This is mostly because I’m getting very close to the home stretch in high school. So it just makes sense to devote myself to school. Also I want to be more regular and organized in my posting. The other scheduling change is in regards to topics or categories on this blog. One day a week on posting day I will do a post on a specific category.

Here are the categories…

Drawing (art swirls and drawing posts)

Inspiration (anything that I find inspiring)



Lifestyle ( I hope to become more informative in these posts. The thoughtful series fits here.)

Photography has been docked as a category because other of my blogs are devoted to this. I want to keep this as simple as possible. My lifestyle posts might talk about photography a little because it IS a big part of my life.

So what is the category this blog will be most devoted to? ——crafting. The tagline of my blog header says ‘what she makes’ and I intend to make a lot of stuff. I have always loved crafting and I’m always making stuff. So it is natural that my new things be devoted to this. I am currently working on forty-six entries for our local fair do example. So get ready 🙂 .

Now for design. I have long wanted to get design for my blog that I will want to keep. This includes colors and everything else. Thu change may take longer as blog design is tougher for me. You’ve already seen the header…and maybe you’ve seen the sparkly gold background as well. But as to the template for my blog…who knows. Just know the colors I have settled on are blush pink, blue, and sparkly gold. Thats the plan for now. Stay tuned for updates. 😉


I love comments, and profitable discussion. Feel free to comment, just please keep comments respectful and free of any profanity or bad language.

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