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The Captain’s Daughter

By Jennifer Delamere

London Beginnings Book One

My rating- 3 stars

The Captain's Daughter


HERE’S my monthly review for Bethany House! The book is The Captain’s Daughter by Jennifer Delamere.

*following review may contain mild spoilers

My Thoughts…

When I started up the book I was pretty intrigued. A young woman accused of a crime she didn’t commit? Good. Increases the tension. Almost gets stuck in a brothel? Good. More tension increase.

But after that things started getting less good (in my humble opinion). When I originally read the synopsis I was looking forward to seeing some cool theater acting in a way. I like acting and so I wanted to get a peek at it. But this…was just not what I wanted. As the main character gets more interested in acting…I felt that she was becoming less good. Less worth having. I did not like the way acting was portrayed in the book—and therefore, when the main character started loving it…that was a turn-off. I might not have minded quite so much if the main character had steadfastly ignored the attention she got from other actors at the theater. But no, in my opinion she was a little flaky.

She was VERY VERY foolish with another male character. And instead of stopping his flirtatious advances she encouraged them. Huge turnoff for me. That is one thing I absolutely cannot abide in a novel. If you stick a strong love interest for the main gal in the story…she HAS to know her heart in regards to him. And she has to be faithful in thought, word, and deed. And the main guy was SO obviously better.

Which brings me to my final thoughts on the story.

The main guy made it worth it to read until the end. Because I wanted to know what happened to him. He had chapters told from his perspective which gave me an in-depth peek at who he is as a person. BUT…I couldn’t help but feel he deserved someone better than the main girl in the end. And then when the conclusion came…I felt their relationship was somewhat lacking. I didn’t feel connected enough to both of them to enjoy the climax. That said, I liked the start of the book—and the parts with the main man in it. If I could transport this guy into another book I read recently (where the gal was good, but I didn’t like the guy 😀 ) I totally would.


So anyway this book wasn’t really my thing, thus the three stars.


Note: I received a copy of the book from Bethany House in exchange for my honest review. As you can tell…if they wanted a positive review—I would be officially busted right now. 😉 All opinions are my own (I have no accomplice and wasn’t aided or abetted 😆 ). 





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