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What Life Has Been Like





Oh okay…it hasn’t been that bad. It’s been so much worse! Maybe you’ve noticed I haven’t updated y’all on my life? Well, I haven’t. I have been busy. For some reason my mind keeps on wandering around to what I’m going to do after I graduate. I generally know what I want, but now that it’s so much closer I am really just wanting to skip all this in-between stuff and get to that stage. But I’m not there yet so I need to calm down and just enjoy every stage.

What do I actually have left of high school?

I will be graduating sometime 2018. Probably earlier. The classes I currently have left are as follows.

  1. 1 math course (I’m three quarters done with this).
  2. 1 PE credit (physical exercise, this just gets covered as an everyday sort of thing 😀 ).
  3. Photography credit. (fits into the arts credit I think?)
  4. Personal finance. (Dave Ramsey financial peace university course)
  5. 1 grammar course. (not too hard)
  6. Science course—anatomy.


I really don’t have too much left. The courses are relaxed sort of and it’s not too hard.


Places I’ve Gone

Recently I have done several things.

  1. Attended a (college) graduation party. (I was the ‘photographer’) 😉




2. Babysitted a bunch of cute blondie kiddos.




3. Experimented with shutter speed and water.





4. Got cuted out by this adorable puppy (and model) ❤ . +that overcast lighting tho ❤ this photo is unedited.



5. Went to a 4th of July party.


And made a GIF of some pictures I took of a firework.


6. My little sis got bit by something??? We thought it was a snake (copperhead) Her foot (left one) was all swollen up.



7. Playtime with a cute cat that I named Hermione. We are trying to get dad to say we can have her. 😉



8. Doing experiment eye. Taking random photos of people’s eyes.



9. Cow appreciation day~Chick-Fil-A.

photo credit: Ella Boureston.

I had planned to share a semi-dramatic before after picture from like four years ago…but I couldn’t find it.

My little sis and I went with some friends. It was fun.
And then the younger kids…and one bigger one 😉 rode the tractor thingy outside the cfa building.


10. Doing my math every day.

im done bacon and eggs and toast2
This is my favorite thing to see when I’m done with a lesson. p.s the lesson 59 thingy doesn’t reflect which lesson I’m currently on. I have passed this up. 😆


11. Cleaning up for out friend’s arrival. And also eating healthy….

I cleaned the pantry. I have done it a few times before but it gets messy very fast.
My lunch (and dinner): Broccoli soup, onions, and chicken.


12. Indulging myself in creepy vampire editing… *hides in corner at creepiness…*




Emmaline Lucille (1)



3 thoughts on “Life Update| Strategy & School

  1. I should be graduating 2018 too… I need to figure out everything I need to get done.
    I like the picture of your sister and the puppy!
    Chick-fil-A! 😀 What do you get when you go? Just my weird curiosity. xP
    Hey, I’ve done some Teaching Textbooks math too! 😉 That breakfast food ending thingy is my favorite, haha. ;P

  2. That’s so cool! I have like five of my friends from church who will be class of 2018 as well. Maybe that means some of them will let me take their senior photos? 😉 Glad you like the picture. Sometimes I get fries and grilled chicken nuggets (because I have to eat gluten free) or a salad. And if I’m REALLY lucky—I get a frosted lemonade! 😆 Those are SO good in my humble opinion. My favorite is the strawberry frosted lemonade. I like Chick-Fil-A 😉 . And the ending is my favorite. Whenever it comes on I crank it on super loud and blast all my family’s ears out 😀 .

    1. That would be cool! One of my friends said something about me taking her senior pictures, but I’m not sure… she hasn’t said anything more. That would be fun though! 🙂
      Oh, our Chick-fil-A recently got gluten free buns, so… that made my sister happy, ’cause she can’t have wheat. 😉 I tried a frosted lemonade once. I should try the strawberry one sometime- that sounds good! ;D
      Haha! xD

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