Latest Drawings {long delayed post}


I have been procrastinating this post bc 1) I didn’t want to take pictures of my drawings because I was too lazy and 2) I was too lazy to clean all my fair entries up and rescue the drawings from the heap.  😆

But now I am going to do the post.

Drawing #1. Vintage Paris Lady

I’ll just warn you now that I’m terrible with titles for drawings and photography and anything else that requires a title.







Artist- Emmaline Figura  

Media- Pencil drawing, 2b, 4b, and 8b. 

Title- “Vintage Paris Lady” 😆 



Drawing #2. Cardinal in the Water


Media– prismacolor colored pencils

Title– “Cardinal in the Water”



Drawing #3. The Wood Duck


Media– Prismacolor colored pencils.

Title– “The Wood Duck”


Drawing #4. Strawberry Plop 😀


Media– mixed media, pencil & prismacolor colored pencil. 

Title– “Strawberry Plop” lol



Drawing #5. The Cheshire Cat


Media- pencil

Title- “The Cheshire Cat”



Drawing #6. Glittering spacial stars {inspired by this post}


Media– acrylic paint

Title– “Glittering Spacial Stars” 

p.s. I am not a very good painter 😆 😥

Emmaline Lucille (1)


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