I am Writing Something Epic…

Hey guys!

First of all, hello to any new readers or followers of this blog! It’s good to see you here. Secondly, welcome back all the old followers…to my new lovely blog design. Now that the change has really been fully implemented I would love to know all y’all’s thoughts on it. Do you like it?

I really love the gold/pink colors. They make me happy. Thirdly, big thanks to Megan for designing all the graphics and helping me do most of the blog designing! It was great to work with you and I LOVE my new blog look. ๐Ÿ˜€

But now…what am I going to tell you?

I am writing something….

something ‘epic’ ish…

what is it…???












…oh okay; it really isn’t good enough to warrant all that punctuation!


I am writing a choose your own adventure post! If you don’t know what that is, it’s a game. Basically it’s in story form and you as the reader get to decide what happens to the character.ย But be warned. When I said epic–I meant it. Big time. This story will have many places for twists, turns, deaths…(wait, you can die? Yes.)

So watch out! You might just die if you make the ‘wrong’ decision.

I plan on taking an unusual turn on this. It will be based upon my favorite dystopian novel that I’m writing (Watchful)ย ,and depending on the choices you make you can completely change the way my story comes out. This may help me to think about new plot ideas for the story and if I like the way it comes out–I may just use it as a new plot idea for Watchful!

So y’all can help me with my story.

I would be grateful if y’all share the below image so I can get several people to go on this adventure!

If you take it–make sure to buzz me in the comments, and it would be super cool if you could tell me which choices you made down below as well! โค Thanks guys! I promise to do my best to make this epic.

choose your own adventure story.png


Also, this may take me a little while to write as I want it to be good so just keep an eye out for this and please, spread the word!




emmaline lucille signoffย (isn’t my new sign off adorable?)

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