Day in the Life+ Clumsy and Cool


So I thought since I won’t be around on this blog this coming week I would do another quick day in the life post from the 27th. And I also will be sharing two Clumsy and Cool moments.

The majority of this post is in black and white because I felt like doing more black and whites today.

So every morning now whenever I wake up I try to make myself a to-do list so that I won’t have any excuses when I feel like being lazy.

It’s actually been working pretty well.

And then after that, my daily devotions…

This weeks’ and last weeks’ bible verses in Proverbs 4. 😉

And then I eat my daily oatmeal for breakfast (that’s pretty much the only thing I eat for breakfast).

My siblings generally eat about the same time as I do (and they eat the same thing!). And then I’ve been trying to gulp down a good amount of water every day…because I used to forget to drink at all.

And then I’ll try to get some school done (I only have two courses left that are actually required)–which is harder because the two courses left are the ones I’m least interested in 😦 . School can go up to four hours depending on how much I decide to do of it/ if I decide to do any extra credit for the day.

Clumsy… when you attempt to be helpful and fill the burkey (water filter)– but someone already filled it so it overflows and leaks.

Cool…when one of your favorite Instagram photographers follows you and likes a picture you took.

And then it was time to do dishes (since it was my dish day).


And then I went outside in our side yard field which has paths cut into it and on either side an insane amount of wildflowers.
Now here’s a comparison in exposure.
This is silhouetting…(exposing for the background)
And this is back lighting (exposing for the subject)…
And so ended another day because…I forgot to photograph the rest of it. 😆
emmaline lucille signoff

2 thoughts on “Day in the Life+ Clumsy and Cool

  1. I stared a bullet journal recently, so I usually write some “goals” to check off in there… they don’t always get checked off tho. xP
    I like that picture of the water! In black and white it looks cool. 😉 Oh, and my sister is doing that same exact math! I never did any math higher than algebra 1. ;P I’ve just been kinda learning Quickbooks for math this last year of school.
    I hope you have a great vacation!

    1. Oh, that sounds like a good idea! Glad you like the picture…I like a good black and white sometimes! I wish I could have been allowed to stop after algebra 1 and done something a little easier😂. Geometry has gotten harder for me and it’s taking longer than I wanted. 😐🤔 Thanks, and I’m sure I will enjoy it. –Emma

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