Travel 10/4 | Part 3 | An Early B-day

Hello, everyone.

Welcome to part three of my October 2017 vacation. I am working on catching back up with school, editing, everyday tasks, etc. So I decided to pace this series just a bit more, instead of posting a new part each day.

10/4/17- Was the day decided upon to celebrate dad and Josiah’s Oct. birthdays. It’s early as dad’s birthday is the 17th, and Josiah’s is the 24th–but our grandparents won’t be there on their birthdays so…

I came out of my room and this is the first face I saw… πŸ˜† He looks inspired πŸ˜€ .

After a rushed breakfast (the food was amazing!) of waffles and smokies–I went outside to take some pictures of some of the things on the porch and off.

Today I pulled my kit lens back out to practice with it…



This one is my absolute favorite that I took with my kit lens. I just love that bokeh! It’s so little and tiny, and the colors are pretty. Mimi always manages to add so many flowers on her back porch. And the back porch has the lake as a view as well.
See the spider web?
And then the brick photos.
Then around lunch time our cousins showed up…they would generally eat dinner with us.
The green shorted cousin is Emmett (the youngest), and the red shirted cousin is Steven (the oldest).
At this point (after eating lunch), I was feeling a little bored and so I asked if there was something fun we could do. And sure enough, mimi had an idea. Drive the golf cart around the street. It was actually a lot of fun, and I got to drive. Ummm…Emma? What?Β  Do you have your permit yet? Ummm no. In fact this was the first thing I’ve ever driven before. You need to get your permit. Yeah, probably.Β 
Myself in the windshield.
And there I am again! Also, at this point mom and Hannah joined mimi and I and we all took turns driving the golf cart.
This next photo is the only photo that actually worked while the golf cart was in motion. The rest were before I remembered to up my shutter speed so they were very blurry.
After that the time until dinner just sort of went by fast. I took a few more pictures of random things, did some reading, talking, racing down the hill in a plasma car with my cousins, and I don’t remember what else…
I did a lot of light painting after dinner, but I did one with my kit lens before dinner, when it was still light outside. Crazy right?
After a dinner on the porch (as usual), we all went downstairs to my great-aunt-aggie’s apartments (she’s 93!) for cake and ice cream and brownies. I’m not gonna lie–I had WAY too much dessert. πŸ˜‰
Cousin Emmett was very cute and sweet last time we visited, but apparently in our absence he has turned into a bit of a demon πŸ˜‰ . Our uncle and aunt were telling us many stories of his naughtiness. πŸ˜€ He is a handful! Anyway, he stuck his his spoon into the brownies several times BEFORE it was time to eat. And no one caught him until he had already eaten as big an amount as is gone in the above picture! πŸ˜†
See? What’d I tell you? WAY TOO MUCH DESSERT. DON’T DO IT IT’S NOT WORTH IT…{actually it is until you get the stomach ache and gain 10 pounds later on}…
And after the said dessert, all the kids went out to play together in the looming darkness. And I went along to take my sunset picture and to do some light painting on the lake.
And then after all that it was time for family devotions, and bed.
Thus ended another day.
emmaline lucille signoff
P.s. Oh by the way…I took like way too many sunset pictures so I chose the most unique one of the bunch. πŸ˜‰

2 thoughts on “Travel 10/4 | Part 3 | An Early B-day

  1. Yay, another vacation post! πŸ˜€ Ha ha, the first picture… XD OOH I love the first couple light painting pictures of the sunset. They’re sooo neat and pretty! Also, ha ha, that’s funny about Emmett. XD YUM I can see why you ate too much dessert – it looks amazing!
    Looking forward to part four! πŸ˜€

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