Look Who’s Back! …ME!

Hey, guys!

What’s up? “The sky.” {oh no, not that again!}


I am back from my Texas vacation which lasted prezactly a week. 😉 I decided against posting right away after I got back, so here I am the day after our return with a post.

This will be the much more condensed version of my vacation posts. I have like, three posts waiting to be done on Lucillian Photography…so I am trying to get caught back up before I shoot the wedding in two days. TWO DAYS???? Yep, crazy, I know. But here I go anyway.

I also am dying to share two mini family sessions, an engagement one, and then the wedding photos when I’ve done them. I will also do a senior shoot in January {hopefully, but not finalized yet}.

So yeah. My plate is full.

The first two days of vacation were spent at home with my friend Sarah.

Uncle Lorimer {who has cancer} had to have radiation treatments almost every day while we were there {or was it only three days?} so we stayed behind to watch the kids. It was tough for Sarah not to see her dad two days in a row, but he came home on day three.



Abstract Light Photography

So, the A’s have these lights outside which they put out and they are so fairy-like. I got so many photos {most of which I turned into random abstractness/ mythicalness for the fun of it. 😉







You can do a lot by changing the white balance, folks. 😀


See? Here’s the warm version that it looked like.




Oh, Christmas Tree!

While we were there, we got to help put up their Christmas tree and decorate it. {I didn’t do much of this besides capture photos to tell memories.

I also tried experimenting with the ‘old time’ look of photography… by cranking up ISO to a huge amount. I like it okay. It doesn’t suit all photos… but I think it suits these all right.





Uncle Lorimer liked to watch the preceding fun… so he napped on the floor of the living room so he could see us doing the Christmas tree.


The Record Player

{I Wanna call it a Victrola so bad}

So, I bought my friend Sarah an early Christmas gift. A record player. I knew I wanted to get her one, but I also knew they don’t seem to run cheap. So, my friend Ella—looked on LSN {I love that website!} for me and tracked down a record player in great condition at a great price. So I then bought the thing, took it home and tried a vinyl record I’d found at our free store {a little place down the road full of free stuff 😀 } on it. Best part? The record was one of my friend’s favorite singing trios from the 40’s. The Andrew’s sisters.










So I gave the thing to her on arrival and had so much fun watching her surprised reaction. {she doesn’t get surprised easily.} And I made a big show of toting the giant gift wrapped thing around {and almost dropping it on purpose to exaggerate the weight, which wasn’t hard as it does weigh a lot more than most presents.}



Ping Pong

We played Ping pong most every night. Well, I didn’t. I watched most of the time. I used to be great at Ping pong. Now… I am WAY out of practice. I think I need to get our family to buy a Ping pong table sometime. 😀 *goes to check on LSN for one…






Home Again+ The Surprise

Then we went back home after the week was up. It was a good week, and a sad week all at once. It was tough to see Uncle Lorimer so sick most of the time. But it was also good to see them, and you looked forward to Uncle Lorimer’s good days.

But anyway… the return trip went much better than the there trip. For one, the first time—I dehydrated myself because I didn’t want to be the one causing us to have to stop every three hours or whatever. I drank NO water {bad idea, guys!} and my lip dried out the very next day and stayed that way THE ENTIRE WEEK no matter how much water I drank to make up for that one day. 😦  So the return trip, I drank little sips of water now and then…and all was well. Yoo-hoo!

I got home, and I had energy. So much so—that I stayed up until 2:30 in the morning finishing the engagement gallery session I did. I finished all the editing for it and sent the gallery out to the couple. And they love the pictures, which is good. I also finished one family mini session gallery. {the A’s Christmas pictures.}

That means I have now taken four people’s Christmas pictures for their cards this year. I will take a photo of all the Christmas cards when they all get here. Ours is here, and so is one other family’s—so I’m just waiting on two.

*anyway back to arriving back home after that rabbit trail… {sorry}

We got home and guess what we saw????



I will not even tell you how excited we all were. We got home to a clean house, and our first time having lights on our house. And our grandpa {who’s staying with us for a while} brought us our Christmas tree {it’s tradition he gets it for us}. Dad knew about the surprise and LED US ON. He even asked us this:

Dad: “Will you kids love me forever if I get us a Christmas tree when we get home?”

Us: “Um yeah dad. But we already love you forever.”

*come within seeing distance of our house and scream in delight. 

We have some great friends/relatives.


Oh and then {of course} I took photos of the outdoor lights in Bokeh form.
I will close out this post by showing you the moon which was out on the night of our return. It had a ring around it and was orangish. There was a similar moon in Texas one night, which I was too lazy to photograph… but I got this one!
Are you pleased to see me?
Have you been getting all Christmasy?
Do you think I am making up too many words in my posts? 😉
What’s your favorite photo in this post?
emmaline lucille signoff

12 thoughts on “Look Who’s Back! …ME!

  1. I’m very glad you’re back Emma dear. No, there were not too many words. I LOVED the candy cane photo. ♥️♥️

  2. YES I AM VERY PLEASED TO SEE YOU. AND THE GORGEOUS PICTURES AHHH. *hyperventilates* These pictures are seriously soooo pretty! A few of my favorites…
    https://themistymountain.files.wordpress.com/2017/12/046b4-img_0025.jpg?w=640&h=426 – magical!
    https://themistymountain.files.wordpress.com/2017/12/26fe5-img_0110.jpg?w=426&h=640 – so cozy!
    https://themistymountain.files.wordpress.com/2017/12/5584b-img_0102.jpg?w=470&h=640 – JUST PLAIN AMAZING BOKEHNESS.
    https://themistymountain.files.wordpress.com/2017/12/0867a-img_0089-2.jpg?w=390&h=640 – sad but sweet. Like a whole story in a picture. 🙂
    https://themistymountain.files.wordpress.com/2017/12/75735-img_0019.jpg?w=640&h=456 – incredible!
    Aww, that is so sweet of your grandpa to do the lights for you. ♥ Actually I didn’t notice many or any made-up words in your post, so… no? XD AND YES I have been getting all Christmasy, and I have also been writing a super long comment so I’ll stop now. BUT I LOVED THE POST!

  3. These were all so beautiful! 😀 I’m so excited for Christmas, and decorating has been so fun! 😀 You are a stellar photographer! 😀

  4. YAY! She’s back! Love all your photos- PLUS THAT CANDY CANE ONE I was like, “Whaaaa? How did she doooo that?” LOL 🙂 🙂 🙂
    Love your posts + blog!

    Hadassah ❤

    1. Thanks, Hadassah! I am glad to hear you like my blog! I was surprised at how huge the bokeh was in the background. ❤

  5. Pretty bokeh! And that record player! I have one, but this one looks a little more vintage than mine, I think. 😉
    Yes, we’ve decorated for Christmas. ^___^ The stockings aren’t up yet, but… probably everything else. ;P

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