It feels like…CHRISTMAS????

{But let’s just skip to New Years…}

{Just kidding}



…2017 is almost over. {I know I’m like the 300th blogger to say that!} But I seriously am having the hardest time processing this year. I am glad Christmas isn’t quite here, because the sooner it’s here–the sooner it’s gone.

Now, what I am here to post about, you ask? Well, I have decided to kill two birds with one stone, and do a Christmas post WITH a new year’s goals {I don’t fancy calling them resolutions…because I haven’t resolved on any of these yet} part. So let’s do this!


It’s Christmas…! {well, not yet 😉 }

So, for the majority of these photos {the close up ones} I used my extension tube attached to my 50mm 1.8 lens. Just so you aren’t wondering how I got such ginormous bokeh 😀 .



































❤  New Year’s Goals  ❤

I have been thinking about this recently as the new year is a comin’ fast. And I came up with a list of things I want to do/improve on before 2018 is out. A whole lot of more obvious things aren’t listed for the sake of time, btw. This isn’t ALL I want to work on. 😆


  • Graduate in May {or sometime in the spring}. dividerforCIS

  • Completely reorganize my office space. 

  • Implement and regularly follow my new daily schedule. {I created one two days ago 😉 } dividerforCIS

  • Study for {and get} my driver’s license. 

I have been planning on this for awhile, but for whatever reason–I’ve just never gotten around to it. But given some of my goals for 2018, this is a must.


  • Upgrade my camera. {with my graduation money plus some} 😉 dividerforCIS

  • Start a bullet journal. {I have been wanting one of these for a while. I’ll probably make my own. And it’ll be nice to have all my goals in one notebook.} dividerforCIS

  • Start the Pass It On Proverbs Journal. dividerforCIS

  • Go to sleep by 10:00 PM. {I’m in the habit of staying up too late} 

Is that baby not the most adorabible baby ever???? #newbornphotographygoals #ididn’ttakethispicturdividerforCIS

  • Wake up at or before 8:00. {guess what? After going to sleep at twelve or one, I’m so exhausted I don’t stir till’ 10 the next morning! 😦 } 


  • Only have one sweet or dessert a week {or a certain sugar limit in calories or something}. dividerforCIS


Start a ‘gratitude jar’ and put one new moment or nice thing that happened to me in it a week. Then at the end of 2018, open it and read them all–so I can see how great {or bad, lol} my year was.


  • Look into starting my photography business @ some point in 2018. dividerforCIS
  • Get a macro {or portrait} lens at long last. dividerforCIS
  • Say ‘thank you’ for something every day. #gratitudeattitude #cheesyhashtag dividerforCIS
  • Tell someone they did a good job on something at least once a day. #buildeachotherup dividerforCIS

Y’see guys…I saved the best picture until last. Hehe. Oh, btw– all images in the 2nd section of this post were downloaded from Snappy Goat . 

It has been nice writing out all my goals and sharing them with y’all. Sorry for the length of this post…blame the 31 or so pictures I took of the Christmas tree for that. 😀



What are your goals for 2018?

Are you ready to do Christmas 2017 justice?

Any special plans for this Christmas?

Which picture {of mine} was your favorite?

emmaline lucille signoff

8 thoughts on “It feels like…CHRISTMAS????

  1. Love all your goals and pictures! I plan to get a macro lens in 2018 too, once I save up enough for it ;D

    One of my goals for 2018 is to ACTUALLY learn violin w/ a teacher. I’ve been studying it for awhile, but have sort of given up until I can get an actual teacher… xD

    Loved this post! Thanks for sharing!


    1. Neat! I love macro photography, and keep looking for creative ways to imitate it with varying degrees of success. But the real thing would be so much easier. That’s a good goal! I like the violin a lot, and my sister has one but is too busy to fit learning how to play it in. Glad you liked the post, Hadassah😊😍.

  2. *takes a deep breath* AHHHHHHHH CHRISTMAS BOKEH! AND SUCH HUGE BOKEH! I think my favorites would have to be, again, the candy cane ones. I don’t know, candy canes and bokeh just go so well together. ♥ XD
    Also I enjoyed reading through your New Year’s goals! I wish you success on all of them. 🙂

    1. I love bokeh so much! It makes me so happy. I like candy canes a lot and they’re a lot of fun to photograph. Thank you! ❤

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