Another Year Gone {again}

Hey guys!

It’s that time of the year again. {And I forgot to mention that I’m back from Texas for the second time, but I figured you could figure that out…}

Time to do the year in review.

I really don’t know where the year has gone, and I don’t know how to do this post. But let’s begin anyhow.

I know I am NOT going to summarize every little thing {or even big things} that happened to me this year. It takes too long, and I have so many other posts that I want to get working on.



Actuallyyyyyy…I have decided I don’t want to take forever writing one of these posts…



Yes, I am officially so lame. So here’s my stats comparison…



I started my blog as The Misty Mountain {the Hobbit movies had just about finished coming out, and I might have been a little obsessed at the time 😉 }.

Views: 278

Visitors: 98

# of posts: 29






This year was super slow. I really didn’t care much about my blog, and I barely posted. 😀

Views: 246

Visitors: 96

# of posts: 18




This year I really started picking up the pace, and enjoying more of the blogging. There was a pretty big stats jump here, because I was posting more, and trying to figure out how to be a better blogger.

Views: 619

Visitors: 247

# of posts: 75



This was the biggest year for me, with me actually trying to be more active in the blogging community. I had more post ideas, and enjoyed writing more of them. Megan redesigned my blog for me, and I still love it!

Views: 1,564

Visitors: 581

# of posts: 70

I posted five posts less this year than last, but have double the stats {or almost double the stats.}. I’ve noticed that the more I post, the more traffic I get.



That’s pretty much the year in stats…

I have a small blog, and I won’t be taking over the internet anytime soon {thank goodness for that!}– but I’ve made some great new friends over my years of blogging, and learned a whole lot.

I am planning on doing another awkward post {like the Most Awkward Post You’ll Ever Read {hopefully!}

I have decided that if I don’t really enjoy a certain post I write, then I won’t write it {in the future}. I have noticed that when I have zero enjoyment… the posts sometimes stink.

I’ll just tell you the real reason I’m not posting much on the new year post, like everyone else probably is.

I’ve got nothing.

There it is, the truth. 😀

Right now I have nothing I want to say, nothing I want to show you, etc. However, you’ll {I think?} be pleased to know I have at least three new post ideas which I’m hoping to write out pretty quick sometime in the near future– which I’m actually excited about.




So never fear. I haven’t hit writer’s block for the entire blog. Just the new year’s post. I had zero time to prepare for this post, and new year’s/ Christmas snuck up on me. And I wasn’t home.


So, bye guys!



emmaline lucille signoff



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