Thoughtful| Fear of Man

Okay. So I’m tempted to think that a demon is trying to prevent me from posting this. Because…I accidentally deleted the entire post the first time I was writing it. So this is attempt two. This is so frustrating. I am so bummed that this happened. {BTW, the demon thing was a total joke. 

Hey Guys!!!!

It’s me here to talk about something more personal. Something I’ve struggled with for years.

dividerforCISI’m scared.

Have these words ever stopped you from doing something?

For many years, I struggled with selfishness. {not in the sense you’re probably thinking, though I struggle with that, too. 😉 }

To me, selfishness means thinking of yourself. Easy, right?

As a teenager, I started struggling with the way I looked. If one thing wasn’t turning out ‘perfect’—I was not happy. I still am struggling with this. It’s an ongoing battle.

So, what prompted me to think about this sin today?

It was prompted by the most recent case of ‘fear of man’…getting glasses. 

My daddy picked them out for me and I loved them. But when it came to Sunday, the day where I’d see everyone–I was nervous.

And as I got to church, and realized I’d have to go into the sanctuary…I was not looking forward to it.

I considered turning around and taking those glasses off. 

I didn’t want anyone to see those glasses. 

I didn’t want anyone to see me. 

And I DID NOT want anyone to think I looked weird. 

Insecurity about the way you look, or act, or whatever is so much more than the often spoken ‘I hate myself.’. It is a spiritual attack. It is sin. It is selfishness.

It is thinking of myself. It is the WRONG focus. When I am like that, I take the focus off of worshiping God…and I stick it on myself. It is wearing ‘me’ glasses– instead of ‘glorify God’ glasses {every pun was intended 😛 .}.



Just as you are.

I think that as Christians, we sometimes tend to react strongly. We see the world running rampant with anorexia, self-abuse, etc— and we swing all the way to the other extreme of the pendulum.

Don’t change who you are. God made you. You’re perfect just like this. 

You’re enough. 

Just be you. 

Taken by me.

And those sound pretty good. It’s nice to be told we’re perfect, and don’t have to change. But do I think those things are true? Yes and no.

We are humans. We will never be perfect on this earth. And there is much we need to change. And we are called to change by the one who bought us with His precious blood. By yourself you will never be ‘enough’.

In your sinful nature, you had no ability to ‘choose’ God–or to save yourself. Or to do anything good. There is none righteous. So no.

Yet, at the same time…Christ obeyed the law perfectly in our place. We have the perfect righteousness of Christ imputed to our account.

When we stand before God He declares ‘Not guilty!’. So in one sense, we are perfect. Before God. But it’s a perfection not our own. We will not be sinless until Christ returns.dividerforCIS


So…because I am now sinless before God…does that mean I have ‘fire insurance’? I can live as I choose, sin as much as I want, and just–do whatever? NO! NO WAY!

God’s placing Christ’s righteousness on me doesn’t mean I can continue fearing what others think of me {substitute any sin here}. It doesn’t mean I can love my idol over God.

He calls us to put away those idols.

Because we are freed from sin, we are now able to live in righteousness. Christ freed us from bondage to sin.

The belief which we must avoid at all costs, is the belief that now Christ has obeyed the law, it is abolished. Gone. {you don’t have to obey the law at all} If antinomians {that’s the name of these people} are consistent— I could go out and murder someone.

And I would still be going to Heaven, even if I didn’t repent. Because I would be covered with my spiritual fire insurance.

How can this view be in step with Scripture? –It can’t.



The end of the glasses story.

I like my glasses a lot actually, I promise! ❤ 😀 

So, what’s the end of this story?

Did I end up overcoming my fear?

To answer this question positively feels amazing.

I have let my fears eat me so many times. I have failed to obey my Lord and Savior when he tells me to trust Him, to be content, to love Him above all things, and to not fear.

And yet, in this moment…God brought these things to my heart and convicted me. He showed me:

  • How little it mattered what the glasses looked like on me.
  • How I was failing to love Him above all other things. {showed me my idol}
  • How I was discontent…not with myself {ultimately}…but with Him. Because He was the one who’d made me look the way I do, given me the eyesight that needed assistance, and also given me my own unique personality.
  • How stupid and sinful it was that I looked to people for validation instead of Him. {I want the appreciation of people, when all that really matters is what He thinks of me.}

 I went into the sanctuary. 

I walked in. 

And you know what?

NO. BIG. DEAL. Why was I so scared????

I sinned against God over something so minute. So stupid. 

So in closing…remember that through Christ Jesus, the victory over your sins is won. We will continue to sin whilst here on earth.

We will fail, we will sin.

I will almost certainly have to keep fighting selfishness, and fear, and ‘insecurity’.

The good news is that the victory is won.

And one day, we will be ‘like Him for we will see Him as He is.’.

We will be truly perfect as He is perfect. {But we’ll never be God, or ‘gods’, or anything like that!}


I pray that my speaking about this will be a help to those who read it.

It is not my intent to be a know-it-all, or ‘preachy’, or anything else. 

I am sorry if I offend anyone, but I would like to hear your thoughts on the topic, so please comment!

Also, scripture first on this blog. If you want to argue something in this post as a Christian, please share your thoughts from a scriptural perspective. 

emmaline lucille signoff




p.s I really love my glasses! I wear them most everywhere now! And I only got them like, two days ago or so. 


7 thoughts on “Thoughtful| Fear of Man

  1. This is definitely an issue I struggle with as well, I care to much about what people think of me….Thanks so much for sharing! Also you look really pretty in glasses 😀

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