BHBR| Holding the Fort| 3rd to Last

Hey guys!

I have now been doing these Bethany House novel reviews for close to a full year. I have enjoyed reading these books, and even reviewing them to an extent. But due to several reasons {which I’ll explore in a future post} I am soon going to be slowing my review membership with them. {I won’t get a book every month} It’s not them, the team is the best. It more has to do with me, and personal decisions I have been making.

I have two more books from Bethany House coming, and then that will be it. So consider this the 3rd to last Bethany House review you’ll see. {for a while}


Holding the Fort

The Fort Reno Series Book 1.

By Regina Jennings

my rating- 4 stars

holding the fort

{her dress is so pretty!} ❤


First off…

I should have done this review a long time ago. I am sorry for being so late with it. 😦


I liked it.

It was a good engaging book. The characters were interesting…and I thought it was neat.


One thing I liked…was the tension. I felt that Regina Jennings uses her tension well. You wonder if her main girl is going to finally tell the secret {which remains a secret 😉 }.


One thing I didn’t like as much was the cheesiness of the romance. It just seemed a little silly.


All the ‘she looked like an angel to him’ stuff felt a bit cliche.


There were some fun, humorous moments, and I thought the inclusion of chess throughout the book made for a good ‘special moment’.


Although to me, the main character being deceptive for so long felt awful. I was just hoping she’d tell. But she didn’t. It drove me a little insane.


But that’s tension for ya, you know? 😀


Also, in the same vein with the humor– are the awkward moments. I love these moments in books. They are one of the things I live for {being such an awkward person myself!}.


So anyway…that’s all I got to say.


emmaline lucille signoff







3 thoughts on “BHBR| Holding the Fort| 3rd to Last

    1. Well…I would say that depends on the library. My library hasn’t gotten it in the catalog yet {you can look up your library’s website and type in the author or the book’s title} which I’m guessing is because of the newness of the title. But I did notice that my library got three books in a few months back which I’d previously reviewed. But if your library is bigger…then maybe? I would take a peek at your library’s website. 😀 ❤

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