The Most Awkward Post You’ll Ever Read {2}

Hello, friends!

I am here today for part two, or the second addition of The Most Awkward Post You’ll Ever Read {hopefully} .

I am the sort of person that finds herself in awkward situations all the time, so this type of post is easy for me.


Did I mention how easy?

SO easy.

You get it. 😉 😀


1. Complimenting one person whilst another is around.


To me… this is very awkward. I’ll just be telling someone how nice they look, and BAM.

There’s another person next to them. And they’re probably thinking:

“Don’t I look nice too?”

Or the person’s hair looks similar to the person next to them. And you tell them you like it.

Maybe I’m just paranoid…

…But I’m always wanting to say:

“You look really nice too.”



2. Thinking the coast is clear, when it’s not. It just isn’t.


I hate when this happens. It is So. Awkward.

In my particular instance, I was in a happy mood so I started dancing and running out the door. And I said:

“Coast is clearrrrr!!!!!”

My exultation was short-lived. There was someone on the couch who I hadn’t been able to see. Ooopsie. Yep, it was awkward. 😆



3. Catching someone’s eye too many times.

I like to refer to this as ‘Inside Joke Gone Wrong’. Some people you know well enough that you can telepathically {sorta’} communicate an inside joke with them.

Others… this doesn’t work with.

I will make eye contact with someone who I had a recent inside joke with thinking… they remember.

*Why is that girl staring at me????

Me: “Oh dear. He probably thinks I like him. I was trying to communicate an inside joke. Bother.”



*Why is she staring at me???? She must like me. 

“OH NO!! That was the second time I made eye contact with that dude. It was a total accident. I would NEVER LIKE HIM.”



4. When you’re inwardly in a crazy mood, and your true self shows in front of company it would be better not to reveal the real you in front of.



5. When you drink too much. {water}


I did this whilst on a camping trip. It was a church {someone else’s} camping trip and I was in a tent with other girls I didn’t know very well.

And I was shoved at the VERY BACK of the tent for sleeping.

So at 12:00…

*Crawling over five people, trying to avoid fingers and toes…


And I had to walk in the freezing cold {it was winterish weather, and it had rained, and I couldn’t find my shoes.} several times during the night.

Plus the bathroom was in the church so I had to walk in the dark {there were coyotes howling 😆 }.

Moral: Save rehydration for later. Or don’t dehydrate yourself in the first place. 😀



6. Doing something people wouldn’t expect and getting caught.


On this night, I was a little emotional. I was depressed, sad, and lonely. So I did something I do on semi-rarish occasions.

I am not a very fit person. I go in spurts.

But one thing I’ve secretly loved for a while is tree climbing.

And I’m pretty good at it.

So I climbed a tree in the front yard, and chatted with myself and the Lord. It was a real heart-to-heart moment.

There was a car below.

Someone came OUT of the car.

To this day they probably heard more than they bargained for. I hope they didn’t hear. 🙂

{we ended up talking for a little while so it wasn’t as awkward as it could’ve been.}



7. When you say the wrong thing.


Saying the wrong thing in general can be super awkward. But the most common for me is when I am having a conversation, and I get most of my sentence out.

But then I switch one word for something they just said. And it doesn’t make sense.

Or I just plain say something completely awkward… because two very different words are close rhymes.

And if I’m excited… that sometimes happens a lot.



8. When a close relative starts talking about you when you’re right there.


Moms sometimes like to brag. Or grandmothers. Or whoever you want to insert.

They want to show off their daughter/granddaughter/etc.

But things get awkward when you’re right there. Literally right next to them.


*Stay cool. Pretend you’re not right there. Wellll… this is awkward. 

Close relative: “Emma is really into photography.”

*person asks about piano in regards to me…

Close relative: “That’s not really her thing…she’s more creative with arts and crafts.”



9. When someone shows up in your conversation with another and says the same thing you just said to the person.


Ah, sweet repetition.

I have both been the conversation-interrupter and the interrupted.

So I know the awkwardness of both sides.



10. When you’re talking to the person someone thinks you should be ‘with’– and they SEE you chatting with said person.


…And when that person is making faces at you. Or giving the knowing looks.

Or just giving you the:

“I SO ship you two together.” face.

Trust me, it’s a thing.

Oh, and also when people are always asking if you have a boyfriend.

“I’m only seventeen, not twenty-nine.” 


And that’s the end!!!!

Mission accomplished. 

If y’all like these posts… there may be a part three in several months. 

Who knows?

emmaline lucille signoff


14 thoughts on “The Most Awkward Post You’ll Ever Read {2}

  1. So relatable, where do I start…? Oh! The making eye contact too many times is SO me! Like, it’s not AS bad when it’s another female, but when it’s guys, it gets creepy…. ‘Cause once I make eye contact too many times, every time I turn around they’re looking at me and it’s just weird…..

    1. Oh good! 🙂

      {or is it bad that it’s so relate-able? 😆 } But all joking aside, I am glad you liked it, Olivia! ❤

    1. 🤣🤣🤣🤣 Yes, they were!! However, I have almost gotten to the point where I enjoy the awkwardness. Once I realized I was just this awkward… I sort of made up my mind to embrace it 😉 😆 .

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