What I Bought | My Latest Purchases

Hello, guys!

I am back with a post showing {and bullet-quick reviewing} my latest purchases.

I have a part-time job so I have been making some money, and then of course I have done several photo shoots recently which I’ve been paid for.

So I’ve bought some things here and there to delight my crafty/artsy self. 🙂


Rainbow Pencils.

Since I was a little kiddo, I loved those pencils that had multiple colors in their ‘lead’.

It was something I just loved.

Sadly, I hadn’t gotten any in a long while.

But I finally did!


They are such neat pencils, dontcha’ think?

Look at those colors, and this particular set came with six.

I got them on sale at Walmart during the Valentine’s Day clearance sale thingy– for JUST $0.49! {I might just be pleased with this find 😆 .}




dividerforCISGiant Pen.

This pen… I also found at Walmart for forty-nine cents. Apparently, the Valentine’s sale was a big hit. 😀




I have a thing for writing/ drawing supplies. 🙂 And also over-large pens.

And pencils, as you shall see.


Giant Pencil.

Same vein, same day, same sale, same price. ☺️

And it came with a sharpener!


Okay, not gonna lie– those detail close-up shots get me. I love them.

It’s so much fun to get up close in there and focus on the little details.

Someday, I might add product photography to my description {although portraiture will be the main focus when I have a business!}



Birthday Gift: Journal.

Not sure if I’ve mentioned it before, but Hobby Lobby {I call it ‘Lobby Hobby’–affectionately ☺️.} is my favorite store.

It has the best stuff for a craft-obsessed, art-loving person.

Now your wallet might not come out intact, but–small price to pay, right? 😆

And on this particular day, I came out with a beautiful buffalo leather journal, with a rustic wood pencil.

Twas’ a birthday gift for my sister, Ellie.




Okay, don’t know why– but this ⬆️ picture is one of my favorites.

I just love the focus on the tip of the pencil, and on the pages/ detailing of the cord.

This gift would’ve been pretty darn expensive {almost $15!} but I used HL’s 40% off coupon code.

Tip: You should always use the coupon code on HL’s website {pull it up on your phone, or your parent’s phone.} on your most expensive item. My purchase went from almost $15 to about $10. WAY BETTER. Btw, if you’re wondering about my math, I am not sure what the exact price was including the shipping so… it would be hard to calculate the 40% off. 

Proof I know math {a little}:

+ Purchase Price = $15
– Discount (15 x 40)/100 = $6.00
= Final Price 15 – 6.00 = $9.00

But yes, you must calculate in tax. {thus the math breakdown}


Fine Touch Watercolor Pencils.

It is no secret that I have been super excited to get into watercolors.

Ever since seeing the dreamy effect, and trying it once in the good ole’ days of art class– I have been captured.

It was the same day I purchased the buffalo journal.

I didn’t want to spend much.

But I saw these.

So I put them in the ‘cart’.


Now, before I say my thoughts upon first using them, I must specify something.

If you’re wanting super high-quality: don’t buy watercolors for $5.00.

It just wouldn’t make sense.

And you do get what you pay for {most of the time}.

I like these, however.

They’re good for the price.


The color selection is nice, providing all the basic colors one might need starting out.

But it became clear to me that they provided a different look in pencils than I’d hoped for.

These are more the type of watercolors a younger child would use.

They remind me of the cheaper paints one might find in a child’s art set.

That said, I DO like them.

They just weren’t the exact type of watercolors I wanted.


I do, however see myself using them.

Maybe not as much as the next {and last} purchase. 😀


Artist’s Touch {F.A.S} Watercolor Cakes.

These are more the ‘real deal’ and I am looking forward to their first official watercolor job.

Their first job will also be a post, because I am making my sister a crafty gift for her birthday.

Btw, I bought these the recentest of any of the items.
It was my second trip at HL this month. {Feb.}
And yes, I used the 40% off coupon code. 😉
Such lovely colors. I love color. A. LOT.

New Blog Photo Style.

Perhaps you noticed there’s actually a definite theme/ look to the pictures in this post?

Well, that’s {hopefully} going to become a regular thing.

I am trying {though not too hard} to make my blog more cohesive and aesthetic-ey.

Thus I did up the photos to look the same way.

I think it will help tie each photo up better.

The images? I would describe them as:





Let me know what you think about the style in the comments!

dividerforCISHow would you describe the style of the photos?

Do you like the style okay?

What is the last thing you bought?

What’s your favorite store?

emmaline lucille signoff


14 thoughts on “What I Bought | My Latest Purchases

  1. Ooh, I’ve never seen any of those Rainbow pencils before! I love both Hobby Lobby and Jo-Ann fabrics for different reasons. If I want fabric I go to Jo-Ann, because (at least in my hometown) Jo-Ann has a much larger selection of fabrics then Hobby Lobby. But if I want paper crafting supplies I will definitely go to Hobby Lobby!

    1. I have never been to Jo-Ann’s, but I’ve heard from my friends and older sister that it’s amazing! Rainbow pencils were introduced to me by my mom, who was a crafty person and liked using them with us to make pretty, colorful drawings. ❤

  2. Love your new style! And I love your finds at Walmart! 49 cents is awesome! LOL! 🙂 My favorite stores are probably Hobby Lobby and Goodwill 😀

    ❤ Hadassah

    1. Thank you, Hadassah! That is an unusual price for Walmart, from what I’ve seen. After stores like Goodwill and even Essex sometimes— Walmart can seem a little more expensive. I really like the Dollar store, too. 🙂 ❤

    1. ME TOO, LIZ! I literally have to leave my wallet at home sometimes when I go there, because oh man! I could spend so much money and time there. 😆 ❤

  3. I love the blog design and photos! You did a great job! I loved this post too, you’re definitely into art like me! 🙂 Do you hand letter? I love that, I’m trying to get into it, hehe. The last thing I bought…Uh…oh, a Citrus Defender at Starbucks! Does that count? Hehe. I know this is crazy, but my favorite store is the Dollar Tree, I’ve found such great deals there, hehe! 😀

    1. Thank you, Olivia! I LOVE artistic things. ❤ I was super into hand-lettering when I was 12 or 13, and I've always had a soft spot for it. I still have quite the collection of calligraphy pens and whatnot as well. 😀 Yep, it counts! I have never had that drink before. It sounds refreshing!

      No way! My two favorites stores are Hobby Lobby… and DOLLAR TREE. I love that store too. I keep calling it the dollar store, because the name is always slipping my mind. 😆

  4. Oooohh ART SUPPLIES! And HOBBY LOBBY! (My dad calls it “Humpy Lumpy” sometimes XD.) I love seeing other people’s art supplies and hearing what they thought of them. Okay, let’s be honest… I pretty much love anything to do with art. XD Oops, must go eat lunch… byeee!

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