BHBR| Bountiful Blessings +WC Crayons

Well, look who’s back!

That’s right.

It’s me.

For any who may be wondering where I was… I was at a conference.

It’s the same conference I mentioned in this post from March 2017. (one year ago!)

I didn’t really take any photos this time.

Just a very few, although I suppose I didn’t last time either, there just isn’t much time. 😀

Anyway, I am here to review a devotional/ coloring book from Bethany House. 

(and also show you some watercolor crayons which a friend was so sweet as to give me…)


Bountiful Blessings

A Creative Devotional Experience

By Susie Larson

My rating- 4 stars


My thoughts on this book are going to be very concise and to the point.

Basically, here are the two key thoughts I have:

  1. This is more of a benediction than a devotional.

It pretty much starts with the words: “May the Lord…” etc.

The devotionals are more reassurances.

I like how Susie focuses on the love of God.

This is more of a benediction than a devotional. One thing that I don’t like as much, is that it’s not overly substantial for a purely devotional book. I wouldn’t want to use just this with my Bible reading in the morning.

2. I love the coloring pages. 

They are beautifully designed pages, and they are so far a lot of fun to color. 😀

I am currently working on the first page of the coloring book in watercolor crayons which is looking pretty neat.



This is what the first page looked like after drawing on the lily pads with the WC crayons.

According to the WC crayons you’re supposed to draw on the paper normally, then go over it with water and the brush they provide.

It gave a smoother, more watercolor-y look.



This is the page after the water. Looks nice, huh?

I think I shall do the entire page this way with different colors.

Then I guess I’ll show you the finished page.

Now here is what the watercolor crayons look like:



They’re nice, and they seem to resemble soft oil pastels in their texture.


And here is the brush! It’s pretty standard, but soft (hard brushes don’t seem like a great idea for watercolor 😆 ).


So, that’s it!

A short (haven’t done a shorter one in a while!), concise, little post. 🙂


I received a copy of this book from Bethany House in exchange for my honest review, which I’ve given. A positive review wasn’t required. 

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6 thoughts on “BHBR| Bountiful Blessings +WC Crayons

  1. Cool Beans, Emmaline! I love adult coloring but like, never get around to doing it, hahaha! I’m always wondering how people get free books to review, how were you able to do this, just curious! 🙂

    1. I normally don’t get around to it either, Olivia! hehe. But I love collecting them and occasionally doing that. 😉 I am with the Bethany House blogger reviewer program. I get free books from them in exchange for my honest review {on my website and retailer stores}. The sign up is super easy and pretty rewarding. ❤

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