I said goodbye as I looked over the horizon…


Y’all probably saw this coming.

I did, too. 😉

I think with every journey comes an ending.

That’s what’s happening right now.

I am stepping into more exciting, difficult waters of my life— and it’s time to say goodbye to this blog.

I have been absent so often you must have wondered at what point I would drop the bomb.


Why are you leaving?

There are quite a few reasons for leaving this blog:

  1. I hardly ever post on here.
  2. My posting has been super erratic over the last three years.
  3. My inspiration for the blog has waned about, and pretty much only shows up at one random moment.
  4. I won’t have time for it as I pursue starting a business.
  5. It’s not a priority anymore, and I can’t see that changing.


The list goes on.


Is this for forever?




The plan is to disappear from this blog for close to forever. If my life takes an unexpected turn, then maybe I’ll pop in again at some point.

But this is goodbye.

I won’t be deleting this blog, so you may peruse the archives if you wish — but I shan’t be around here any longer.


Will you be anywhere in the blogging world?


You’ll still be able to catch me on my photography blog Lucillian Photography

Yes, I realize I haven’t been posting on there. You’ll {maybe??} feel better when I tell you I am preparing a post with some big updates and an announcement about the direction LP will take, and my life.

I hope you feel better!

I also plan on sticking around your blogs: liking, commenting {when I can}, and interacting. I love you guys, and I’ve made friends amongst you.

Oh, and we can still interact on LP, if that’s something you want to do. The contact page is always open if you want to ask a question.


Time to wish you a fond farewell.

I have enjoyed my time on this blog… I think I’ve been on close to six years.

Time to go forward.

In the words of Bilbo Baggins: “… I wish you a very fond farewell. Goodbye.”


emmaline lucille signoff

12 thoughts on “I said goodbye as I looked over the horizon…

    1. Thanks, Allison! I think it would kill me to leave off all forms of blogging. As I delve into my business, I think I’ll still be able to talk about my life in posts on there now and then. So it’s sort of a transfer? 😀 ❤

  1. Aww, I’m so sad to see you go, I’ve always enjoyed reading your posts! 😀 I’m so happy that you’ll be still posting on your other blog!! 😀

    1. Thanks, Hannah! Now I’ll just visit your blog more often when I want to read crafting posts! I still love so many of the things I used to do on this blog, I just have had a goal shift. ❤

  2. *Cries* I’m so happy you’re still doing LP though! I would really miss you if you left blogging all together! 😦

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