About Emma



  • I am a sinner saved by God’s free grace.


  • I am generally considered quiet, but in small groups I talk a lot and laugh, too.
  • Does that make me an ambivert? 😆
  • I love to draw! (though I haven’t been doing it as often)




  • I am very stubborn when I feel strongly about something.
  • I am very opinionated on things I am passionate about.
  • I love photography and lightroom. 



  • I hope to start a photography business in 2019.
  • I blog photography mostly on Lucillian Photography.
  • The name of my photography site is inspired by my middle name (Lucille)–which was my Italian great-grandmother’s name.
  • I enjoy crafting. 
  • One of my dreams was to start an at-home business selling on Etsy. 
  • The name of this blog (Crystal Ice Studio) is the name of my Etsy seller’s account (which I never opened).
  • I love to write. 


  • I am graduating this year in May or June. {homeschooling and proud of it}


  • I love to read. {when I have a spare moment}



  • I would secretly love to act in a christian movie. {whoops, now it’s not a secret anymore!}


  • I don’t follow blogs if I don’t like them. No likes for follows here!
  • I love to meet new people in the blogging community.
  • I enjoy comments and tags.
  • I am a dreamer. 



  • I am classified by the Myers Briggs deal as being an INTP. 
  • I am not normal. {who is?}
  • I wear glasses now, as my eyesight is bad. 


Credit- All graphic and signature designs were done by Megan.


I am so happy you stopped by!

This blog was mainly established as a blog to share my art at–but now I call it my ‘multi-purpose’ blog. I do everything here that I like. Any random thing that comes to mind is blogged here. So feel free to view my posts and comment (just please keep comments respectful and free of any profanity or bad language). Thank you!




6 thoughts on “About Emma

  1. Hi Emma!! I just found your blog, and I am absolutely in love with your photography!! Can’t wait to read more of your posts!!

I love comments, and profitable discussion. Feel free to comment, just please keep comments respectful and free of any profanity or bad language.

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