Guest Post| Emily Grace

Hi There!

Welcome to an exciting moment of my blog: my 1st guest post. Without further ado…please welcome to the post…*da dum*…Emily Grace.

I have known Emily for eight years. She goes to our church and is a very good friend. In her free time she enjoys archery and horseback riding. I’ll turn it over to Emily now.


hi… Today I will be reviewing… dum dum dum… Prismacolor color pencils! These pencils already get a lot of praise, but I want to just add my 2 cents in…

so pretty…
  1. Why are they so much more expensive than other brands? (I’m lookin at you, Crayola and Roseart  🙂 ) Well, Prismacolor pencils give off a waaayy better pigment and are more vibrant than other brands. They have an almost pastel-like texture. Buying Prismacolors is an investment, but they will last longer than the average brand, and also give a better performance… (i.e. gritty texture) which leads us to my next point…
  2. Blending. Blending. Blending. These pencils are very  good at that.
    a nicely blended drawing by Prismacolor…



  3. my one complaint about these is that you have  GOT TO BUY A GOOD SHARPENER. (yeah, if you don’t, they are more liable to break…)
    The ridiculously expensive $6 pencil sharpener.

    Summary: So in the end, here are the pros and cons…

    Pros: awesome pencil, amazing blending, pigment, durability, etc.

    Cons: Expensive. Be prepared to spend your money  😦  $$$ 🙂                                                I would recommend these pencils for ages 11 and up. These pencils are for people who will not waste them:) *mischievous grin*

All in all, these pencils are great.

~Emily Grace