Beyond The Mask


Today we have…a movie review!

Anyone ever heard of  Pendragon: Sword of His Father???

Well that movie is by the Burns Family Studios. (

They have now finished their newest movie: Beyond the Mask. ( .


I watched it in theatres a few months ago in Franklin, TN.  It’s an action adventure film.  I found it very enjoyable. There were several things which some people I talked to were critiquing: the science in the movie was slightly wacko- But that was coming from science lovers and engineers:)

I think that the main character, William Reynolds (as played by Andrew Cheney) did a good job. He was a pretty convincing actor and played a complex character.

William Reynolds (as played by Andrew Cheney)
William Reynolds
(as played by Andrew Cheney)

Another of the main characters is a young lady, Charlotte Holloway,

(as played by Kara Kilmer). who has a pretty strong faith. She seems pretty confused in most of the movie, until she finally figures out that someone she is close to (I’m trying not to spoil the movie:) – is actually an evil villain.

Critique of Kara Kilmer:

  1. At the beginning of the movie she wasn’t acting too well.
Praise for Kara Kilmer:
1. She seemed to warm up to her role as the movie rolled along- she got way better!
Charlotte Holloway (as played by Kara Kilmer)
Charlotte Holloway
(as played by Kara Kilmer)

Then, of c ourse we have my second favorite character

(my 1st is William Reynolds) : Benjamin Franklin

I don’t know the actors name, but he got a really fun personality in the movie (and funny lines, too!).

He really looks like what lots of people seem to think Benjamin Franklin looked like.

Benjamin Franklin (and his print shop employee)
Benjamin Franklin
(and his print shop employee)

And last of all…Charles Kemp (as played by John Rhys-Davies, from, Lord of the Rings- Gimli)!

I absolutely refuse to tell you anything about the character he plays (you can look it up if you want to cheat- at least you can’t blame me for spoiling it!).

Charles Kemp (as played by John Rhys-Davies)
Charles Kemp
(as played by John Rhys-Davies)

I loved the movie- you ought to watch it. Head over to:

to get more info on the film.

Thanks for reading!

(My next movie review will either be on Alone Yet not Alone or Avengers: Age of Ultron)

William Reynolds
William Reynolds



The Hobbit/The Desolation of Smaug/Movie Review

Today I’m bringing out the Desolation of Smaug’s Movie Review . I’ll just start right in on Plus and Critiques for this movie…agree?



1. The barrel riding is funny…but not accurate.

2. Did anybody notice the she-elf but me?? They always add romance to make it juicy…but really! That’s not accurate. Tauriel just doesn’t click with the book.

3. The elves capture of the dwarves isn’t accurate either. In the book the dwarves are hungry so they run in the midst of various wood elf parties…and unintentionally trigger the spider’s attention.


4. The Tauriel- Kili romance. One of my friends commented that: “they ruined my favorite dwarf!” They really did!! Look…elves and dwarves don’t even get along all that well…and they definitely didn’t get married or have romance like that. We can all expect some mushy scene where Kili dies 😦

5. Gandalf getting captured by the Necromancer. Okay, but not very accurate.

6. Producers: if you want to win me over don’t add these things. I could go on with a few more points but I haven’t got time.


1. I like how they read Legolas into the movie. Nice one! However, if they were going to do romance they should have made it realistic. Elves marry Elves, Dwarves marry Dwarves.

2. Okay, I like Bilbo’s rescues. They are funny.

3. I like the use of Benedict Cumbebach’s voice for Smaug. I also like the animation for Smaug.

4. I actually really enjoy the movies a bunch…it’s just Hollywood always has something I don’t agree with:)

Sorry this is soooo….late.



The Unexpected Journey|Part Two|Movie Review

Continued from part one:

Gandalf…shows up at Mr. Baggins’ front door where Bilbo is leisurely smoking a pipe;


Then this peculiar scene happens:

Bilbo: Good morning!

“What do you mean?”  “Do you wish me a good morning, or mean that it is a good morning whether I want it or not; or that you feel good on this particular morning; or that it is a morning to be good on?”

Bilbo: “All of them at once,”

(I think they watered the exchange down a bit…but it was still funny:)

Bilbo does a good job (so he thinks) making it very clear he doesn’t want any adventures…he wants a clean reputation, 8 small meals a day, etc.  But Gandalf apparently isn’t ticked off. He doesn’t leave. Instead he scratches on Bilbo’s front door that a burglar wants to be hired in this hobbit hole. Which isn’t the case…at least-not yet.  Bilbo right before his exit into his home was so flustered that he invited Gandalf to tea the following morning- he immediately regrets it. The next morning the dwarves see the sign on his door (which Gandalf made) and start arriving…(much to Bilbo’s dismay) after all he likes guests…just not uninvited guests!!

dwarvesarrive But they show up just the same. And promptly begin eating his food. In the book the wording is a bit different but not notably so.

As we know Mr. Baggins changes his mind later about not going. However, I would critique how they did Mr. Baggins’ assent to going. They make him change his mind the next morning after the dwarves have already left. In the book, Bilbo decides to join shortly after fainting. But wakes up really late in the morning, is prodded by Gandalf to go to the inn where the dwarves are, which he does. I love the whole Bilbo forgetting his handkerchiefs thing. That is pretty close to the book…and it’s funny.   download (2) Well….going into actual movie review mode: Did I like the movie?? Yes, I did. While (as usual) the producers didn’t quite follow the book properly I thought it was really interesting. The second one (The Desolation of Smaug) was more action packed. But I also have more critique on that one:) Stay tuned for the movie review of the Desolation of Smaug. I hope to bring one on the third movie (not out yet) which is titled There and Back Again. I hope you enjoyed this! Sorry for not publishing a complete review! ~Emmaline


The Unexpected Journey|Movie review|Part One

Hi Ya’ll! Today just a movie review…Part one. This one is on the first hobbit movie. The Unexpected Journey:

So….it begins with Bilbo writing to Frodo about his adventures….

  download   He explains about Dale…the city which in the book…(and the movie) the dragon Smaug destroys. The dwarves under the mountain are ripped from their home. In the book Thror (Thorin’s father) escapes. But for the rest of his life the longing for his home full of treasure is instilled in his heart. And so (having a secret key) he makes his way back only to be captured by a deadly enemy- the Necromancer. Somehow right before Thror dies at the hands of the Necromancer Gandalf the Grey finds him. Thror gives Gandalf the key to his homeland asking Gandalf to give the key and a map to Thorin his son, if ever Gandalf finds him. Unfortunately, the movie doesn’t follow the book here: When Gandalf (at Mr. Baggins’ house) gives the key to Thorin….Thorin says that he believes his father (Thror) still lives. That, of course is not the case. Gandalf doesn’t believe that Thror still lives…but if they had followed the book- wouldn’t Gandalf have known? After all Gandalf says in the movie: “Thorin, your father hasn’t been seen for years.” which implies he doesn’t know what happened to Thror.

But what happens next? Well Gandalf goes searching for the 13th member of their adventure …he remembers a little boy who always used to dream about adventure- Bilbo Baggins. Bilbo, however…has gotten used to the life of a Hobbit. He has a good reputation: he never does anything unexpected, eats 8 small meals a day, lives in a comfortable Hobbit hole (which he inherited from his rich parents)…he’s a good Hobbit!!! But of course flowing in his veins is a teensy tinsy little bit of unexpectedness…his mother’s ancestors- the Tooks.  

To be continued… part two.