WIRW # 7.

Welcome once again, What I Read Wednesday!

People had begun to think I don’t read anything anymore…but the honest truth is I just haven’t been posting what I’ve been reading. I just decided to be selective and review the last three books in the Love Comes Softly series. They focus on Belinda Davis, Clark and Marty’s daughter. (Oh, if you haven’t read the rest of the series- you should probably do that first–but I would say you can just pick up the three of these as well.)


Love’s Unfolding Dream

love comes softly series

By Janette Oke

My rating- 5 stars


This book was such a fun piece to read. I have to say, I really loved it. It was able to make me feel strongly with and for the characters. There were plenty of things in it that kept me engaged. One thing about is the fact that this focuses on her 12-16 years. That directly identifies it with the teen girl crowd. I thought it was enjoyable, sad, happy, and humorous all at once.

I liked…

//the plot. I thought it was well developed. There were plenty of characters to like or dislike and some very heart-rending things occurred as well.

//the family aspect. This whole series has family stamped on it. I especially love how Belinda and Marty are so close to each other. I love their mother-daughter relationship.

//the characters. You can’t escape this one! They’re always going to be the ones you like and don’t like. I love Belinda, Marty, Clark, Luke, Drew, and yep. Those are my favorites.

//the spiritual aspect. I always like when a book is faith-driven. This series is pretty faith-driven the whole time. There are some aspects of their theology I don’t agree with, but in principle they do stress the love of God to His children.

//the ‘rivalry’ and tension between family. Yes, there’s some of this too. They do get upset with each other from time to time- just like a real family. I won’t spoil it, but I’ll tell you, it’s interesting.

//the ending. Wait for it, wait for it…the entire book. Okay, not really. But I like the ending because it’s kinda’ nice after the conflict in the book. 😀


Love Takes Wing

love come softly series

By Janette Oke

My rating- 4.5 stars


This book picks up a few years after Love’s Unfolding Dream. It is a little cliff-hangering from the last book, too. They give you the impression something’s going to happen at the end of LUD, and then they stick you here scrambling to figure out what happened. And I’ll just warn you, you’d best be prepared for some waiting. Because you’re going to be waiting pretty much the WHOLE book to hear ANYTHING at all. It plain confused me. I was sitting reading and kept interrupting my sister: “Hannah, what in the world is going on here? Why isn’t so-and-so in the story?” I honestly almost threw the book down at that point. But I picked it back up, and I’m so glad I did.

I liked…

//the expansion of nursing. If you’ve gotten this far or read any of the synopsis-es, you’ll know Belinda wants to be a nurse. Well, her nursing will take her places in this book.

//Belinda’s continual struggle. Growing up is HARD. And Belinda always has the struggle accompanied with that. I think she experiences the same highs and lows of the Christian life that I do, in some ways. And I think it’s identifiable.

//Mrs. Stafford-Smythe. I love her. She’s an older lady with spunk. I like how Belinda and her relationship gets closer, and I love how she’s always so perky and funny.


//the cliffhanger from LUD. This nearly made me drop the book. I would encourage you to persevere though- it’s worth it!

//the way Belinda treats some of the young men. It’s not necessarily bad- I just wish she would have sent them packing long ago instead of going out with any of them at all. Oh, well. She learns.

//the removal of characters you’ve gotten to know. People leave, people marry, people disappear! Makes me sad. 😦  😥


Love Finds A Home

loves comes softly series

By Janette Oke

My rating- 5 stars


The exciting conclusion! I LOVE this book! Things start to speed up in this book, loose ends get tied up, fun things happen…heartwarming. 😉

// the plot.

// the look at Boston from a bigger angle. I love all the comparison between city vs. country. It’s an interesting thing to look at.

//the thingy that happens in the middle. You will be surprised…maybe even as surprised as Belinda was? 😀

//the other thingy that happens… uh-huh. Several things. (I am really trying not to spoil things for ya’ here).

//the continued faith. Belinda really begins realizing just how important faith is in this book. You can really see her clinging to Him in this one.

//gratification. Belinda gets a happy ending (of a sort)–and I love how you see in the book that romance won’t ultimately satisfy you. Rather, it’s God who can make you delight in Him alone.

*Sorry…but it’s hard to write a review without spoiling something. I keep wanting to say “I liked that THIS happened.” -so I’ll just say I loved the book(s) aaannnd the ending to this book.


p.s. While I do like SOME of the movies made of Janette Oke’s Love Comes Softly series–I am extremely dissatisfied with the later ones. Especially the later ones with Missie, and the ones that describe Belinda. For one, Belinda isn’t even an orphan–she’s Clark and Marty’s youngest daughter! And a minor detail…Belinda’s hair isn’t brown, it’s blond. Another thing: Willie, Missie’s husband–does NOT die either. And neither does Belinda’s husband! Sorry guys. Rant over. Just wanted to make sure y’all knew what I thought in regards to that. Hint to producers: include the author in your productions. 😀 It helps.


WIRW #6.


It’s time for another installment of What I Read Wednesday ! We are on #6. Today I will be reviewing Wuthering Heights by Emily Bronte– and Grow in Grace by Sinclair B. Ferguson.

Wuthering Heights

by Emily Bronte

Apple Classics (scholastic)

My rating- 3.5 stars


PB160050 (1).JPG


This is one of the most interesting, disturbing, and depressing books I have ever read. It all started at the dentist’s office. The lady who was cleaning my teeth was asking questions about books (why those people ask you questions when your mouth is full of water is beyond me 🙂 ) and mentioned having to read Wuthering Heights in high school when she was a girl. I had heard of Wuthering Heights before, but had never read it. After the dentist, mom and I went (of all places) to the BOOK STORE. It was just a little bitty store…but what did I see on the shelf? You guessed it–this book.

My thoughts…

// This is a tragedy, but not the tragedy it’s advertised to be. Supposedly, this is a romantic tragedy where two people who are in love are ‘cruelly’ torn asunder. But…the real tragedy is definitely the sin displayed in the book.

// Heathcliff. I am sorry, y’all–Heathcliff is simply not a likable character. End of story. 🙂 His mean temperament, his selfishness, his cruelty. Ugh. He’s not a night-in-shining-armor.

// The only characters I like are minor. Yep. If that tells you anything about the characters…they’re not a nice lot.

//The depressing worldview. The whole romance is just…ohhhhhhhhhhhh nooooo. 😦

//The slow beginning. Need we day any more?

//But it was interesting. Despite all my other points…it WAS interesting. I didn’t stop reading it but instead persevered despite it’s depressingness and slow beginning. I would definitely  suggest an age start. Probably be a teen before you read it. It’s sort of morbidly depressingly dark.


Grow In Grace

By Sinclair B. Ferguson

My rating- 5 stars



This is the book that I was given shortly after professing my faith publicly. I liked the book then and I still like it now. Sinclair Ferguson is very good at practically applying things and making them simple (yes, he can probably make them complicated too 🙂 ) without dumbing them down.

Some bullet thoughts…

// Good for younger ages. I think the first time I ever read this was when I was twelve. It’s really a great book for (almost) all ages.

//Using Bible characters. I love how the book uses Bible ‘heroes’ as examples. Although it’d important to note that they were used by God and not ‘heroes’ in and of themselves. My favorite chapter is on Jesus 🙂 .

//Straightforward and clear. ‘Nough said.

//Great book on the topic for new believers. I would highly recommend this book for new believers or younger olders (age range 12 and up).




Have you ever read books on the topic of ‘growth in grace’?

Have you read either of these books?

What’s the most depressing book you’ve ever read?




WIRW #5.


At the suggestion of a friend and reader, I am going to do another installment of What I Read Wednesday! I have chosen to review some books I just recently read. Where Hope Prevails by Janette Oke & Laurel Oke Logan, and Till We Have Faces by C.S Lewis.

Just a little background on the chosen books. Where Hope Prevails is the 3rd book in the Return to the Canadian West series. So, if you’re thinking on getting the book, you might just want to purchase the other two first :). Till We Have Faces, on the other hand–is a retelling of the ancient myth of Cupid and Psyche. It’s the kind of book you would expect to be assigned for some mythology reading. Weird me…I bought it as an interesting read. I had read it once before at a dear friend’s house–and found it fascinatingly strange. I don’t think I really understood it the first time I read it, because frankly- it’s a bizarre read. And so when I found the book for the lovely price of $2.00, I determined to give the book another try. And here we are!


Where Hope Prevails

By Janette Oke & Laurel Oke Logan

Return to the Canadian West Book # 3.

My rating- 4.5 stars


Because this book is part of a series that I haven’t reviewed…I will provide the synopsis.

She leans forward for her first glimpse of the little mountain town that has captured her heart, but something has changed.

Elizabeth Thatcher’s highly anticipated return to her beloved Coal Valley after a long summer with her family back east is filled with surprises . . . and not all of them good ones, in her estimation. Maybe the worst one of all relates to her treasured students. Can she adapt and learn to cope with this enormous change?

Her Mountie, Jarrick Thornton, hasn’t yet proposed, but she already knows what her answer will be. His duties take him away from the valley much too often, in her view, but the two of them, with patience and understanding–and one significant misunderstanding–are learning to know each other better.

The dark cloud looming on the horizon in Beth’s mind, though, is filled with questions about where their future might take them. As a member of the RCMP, Jarrick is stationed wherever his superiors send him . . . but what about her teaching position in Coal Valley?

Beth attempts to do her best with each obstacle she faces, but does she rightly assess each situation as it surfaces? Good intentions don’t always lead too good results. . . .

A companion story to Hallmark Channel’s When Calls the Heart TV series


This synopsis is found here.

So…uh. That’s the synopsis, but I gotta’ admit…it slightly ruins the other two books. Not hugely (it’s not my fault if their synopsis ruins it!)– but just enough.

I’ll just give some quick thoughts on the book…

Pluses and Minuses…

//The return to Coal Valley was anticipated, and I thought it was a good thing.

//I was surprised at the little things that bothered Beth. Hmm…I still haven’t figured out why she was so upset at the stumps?

//I did find the challenges to be exciting. I think they enhanced the plot.

//The conflict between Beth and Harris Hughes–was frustrating. But I think it was frustrating in a good way. It made me wonder how it would all ‘end’ (it’s not quite over yet…another book must be in the works!).

//Julie…yeah. I like it whenever she enters the story. Mind you, she’s not very wise–but sometimes you just need a slightly frivolous character. And she’s gotten better over time, too.

//The romance aspect. So, I’m TRYING not to give anything away. Although please note that the synopsis is the culprit this time. This book picks up where the last one left off. I think that it was a good idea to show the confusion that occurs during their relationship. It’s good to throw in a little misunderstanding every now and then.


So that’s my very-basic-opinion of the book.

Till We Have Faces

A Myth Retold

By C.S Lewis

My Rating- 5 stars

I thought I might just take a picture of MY copy of the book for once. And as you can see, it contains the lovely $2.00 sticker :). 

Pluses and Minuses…

//To be completely honest, the first time I read this–I just didn’t understand it. I would recommend brushing up on your mythology a wee bit before tackling this book.

//I really have NO idea why I like this book exactly. It’s a very interesting story though.

//At first you feel, (along with the main character Orual) that Orual is wronged. That it’s Orual who’s wrong. Then later, well…something just happens. You’ll have to read it, because I really can’t quite explain it.

//I’m sorry…for some reason I just enjoy reading it.

//Age sensitive material..there are some references to some things in here which requires some discretion. I think I would probably set the book depending on maturity. But I guess maybe as rule of thumb ages 13+?

//But one thing that super annoyed me…was the false god aspect. Ungit, Cupid, etc. But hey! It’s a book on mythology. So duh. That’s obviously what I signed up for. 🙂

//I’m not a Lewis geek. I do love this book and the Chronicles of Narnia though.


Well, there ya’ go! Please feel free to comment if you happen to have read either of these books and want to share your thought(s) on them.



Have you read either of these books?

Do you enjoy reading mythology, or are you going *blech* right now?

Are you familiar with Janette Oke books?

What do you think of C.S Lewis? 

Have you read any of C.S Lewis’s other books?



WIRW # 4.

Welcome once again to another installment of What I Read Wednesday!

What -say you, are the chosen reviews for today? The first The Spinner and the Slipper is by Camryn Lockhart. The other book I’m reviewing is Augustine’s Confessions. Here we go!


The Spinner and the Slipper

By Camryn Lockhart

My rating- 5 stars

Wraparound cover found here


Genre: Fantasy fiction

This retelling had me gripped from the start. Mainly because I was curious to see how Camryn would weave Cinderella and Rumpelstiltskin together. The synopsis for the book has been provided this time. Look at the wraparound cover!

My Thoughts…

// It was an interesting twist on the two fairy tales.

// It was an enjoyable, well written book.

// The characters were interesting, and I love Eliana’s confusion at one part of the book.

// The increase of tension got at me, and made me want to know how it would end.

// The romance was interesting, and unexpected.

//The inclusion of fey in this story made for some interesting developments.

*I read this book in one sitting. I do that when I can’t put the book down. 🙂

Augustine’s Confessions

by Augustine of Hippo

A new translation by Henry Chadwick

My rating 4.5 stars


*It is important to realize that this book is pretty much Augustine of Hippo’s autobiography. It is full of his musings and personal feelings/struggles.

My thoughts…

// While not the easiest read ever, it is profitable.

// I found Augustine’s struggles with different heresies to be both interesting and informative.

// Hint: You may need to skip over certain parts/ reread them if they confuse you. I skim-read certain portions because I got a leetle bit confuzzled at times.

// All-in-all Augustine’s confessions are confessions to God of his sins- you really get to see Augustine’s heart before God.

// It’s pretty crazy/amazing that he could remember so fully, so many of his sins– and confess them. I mean it’s hard enough to confess to others–but to thousands of readers? (yeah, I know he’s dead.) He had God-given courage.

// Discretion: I think that because of certain of Augustine’s sins…that I might only recommend this to maturer readers. I don’t think that younger readers would survive long reading it anyways, they’d probably get too confused.

// I would never have picked up Augustine’s Confessions on my own. So I am thankful that I had to read it for my Gileskirk Christendom (humanities, history, etc.) course.

NOTE: I don’t know if there is an easier translation or not. I suppose this translation might be as easy as it gets.

What books haven’t you been able to put down of late?

What books have been difficult for you to read?

What books have challenged you?

What are y’all reading right now?






WIRW, #3.


Today I welcome you to What I Read Wednesday, the THIRD attempt. And what book(s) is/are the subject of my review? The first is A Branch of Silver, A Branch of Gold by Anne Elisabeth Stengl. Click here to check out her blog. The second is The Valley of Vision, which is a nice compilation of puritan prayers. If what you envision when you hear that is this:

A ‘Puritan’ frowning at merriment.

Then please banish such thoughts from your mind. The puritans may have a reputation…(whether true or not is often disregarded)…but they certainly knew how to pray! So let’s get started…



A Branch of Silver, A Branch of Gold

By Anne Elisabeth Stengl

My Rating- 5 stars

(I think I know why I almost always say 5 stars. It’s because I normally only post books I liked! 🙂 )




Genre: Fantasy fiction

Okay, so besides the gorgeous cover (I am expiring over this cover…almost:) ) what is there the say? Well first the excerpt:

For six hundred years I have dwelt in this prison. Trapped. Helpless. Unliving and undying. For six hundred years I have watched as cursebreakers come and go. Brave young women all, gifted with powers beyond mortal understanding. I have watched them die. I have watched them wish to die. Once again the Family of Night invades this country to claim its dues, and this generation’s cursebreaker has her chance to break the endless chain of torment. To save me. To save her sisters. But how can a peasant child scarcely fourteen years of age discover the three-part key and liberate the captives? Will she too be doomed to join the Death Dance binding us all to the Family of Night?

Now for my take on it.

Oh yes…

  1. I loved the onward progression of the main character(s). They seemed to grow as they learned what each of them had to do.

2. It was full of excitement! I did NOT want to put it down–at any point.

3. I liked the humor…and the awkward moments that were sprinkled around the story. The main character may not understand decorum and proper ladylike behavior–but it adds to her personality. Her heart is in the right place–and that’s more important.

4. The mystery aspect of the story. It made me sit on edge–“What is going on?”. I HAD to keep going to find out. A good writer pulls you into the story and makes it YOUR adventure. Or they just pull you in and make you love their characters.

5. Okay, I have a thing where the strangest/funniest character in a story goes on my top 5 list. If you read it…thumbs up for the sylph. That is a hilarious character. I love her.



  1. The author had better have a sequel in mind–because she left a lot of loose ends!

2. I didn’t like the ending. Mostly because I could feel the incompleteness of the story. Yeah, one adventure was ended–or was it? I so wanted to know what would happen.

3. But then again…I suppose she might be prepping the readers for a sequel? (Please A.E.S, pleeeeeease??? 🙂 )



The Valley of Vision

A Compilation of Puritan Prayers

Published by Banner of Truth Trust

My Rating- 5 stars



Hints & Tips…

*This book can be bought in either paperback or leather. I have the leather copy– and couldn’t be any happier with it. It is cabra bonded leather.

*  The book is a little expensive, but well worth it!

*Also, this isn’t (for me) the kind of book that I read once through then put back on the shelf. They go wonderful for everything. Several of the prayers are in a specific category. For instance, there are ones to read before the Lord’s Supper, or before the worship service starts. I find it helpful to read the different ones both in my private worship (quiet time, devotions, etc.) and in whatever specific contexts that certain of the prayers are titled after.


My Other Thoughts…

  • I  love this book! It does contain thees and thous…I like to translate them back into our current modern way of talking. The reason: because I find that instead of saying “Thou knowest my heart, mine every thought is…(etc)” it’s more personal (for me) to say: “You know my heart, that my every  thought is…”. I don’t know why. The thees and thous kinda’ just trip me up. I like them in books–just not when I’m trying to pray a prayer to God.
  • The prayers are each of them rich in gospel comfort and in convicting the heart of sin. Each prayer is about the same length–not too long. They’re more the ‘short and sweet’ deal. I like long prayers as well…but I seriously don’t know how lengthening these prayers could make them any better!
  • I recommend reading these prayers out loud–or at least partially out loud. Every now and then the language gets old timey (ahem, *gorgeous*). Some words I have to look up later. When you get to those parts read them over once or twice. Sometimes a bell rings in my mind and I can figure out what is meant by the context.


*Anyway…I love both of these books and would heartily encourage you to get your copies.


WIRW| Second Attempt

Welcome to What I Read Wednesday!

The chosen book(s) to be reviewed are as follows: Second Son by Jenelle Leanne Schmidt & The Glory of Christ by John Owen. I am super excited to share these reviews today. So let’s get started!


Second Son

By Jenelle Leanne Schmidt

The Minstrel’s Song Book # 2

My Rating- 5 stars



Genre: Fantasy Fiction

I’ll just start with the synopsis included generally where this book is listed.

In an attempt to manipulate the future, a family and a nation are forced to decide between two brothers. Guided by a prophecy spoken hundreds of years before, the King and Queen of Llycaelon have set their course. Their goal: to fulfill the prophecy and save their nation from a dire fate.

Rhoyan has always understood and accepted his own role as second born and perpetual prince. He looks forward to the day when he will be a warrior in his older brother’s guard. When Rhoyan is sent on a quest filled with unimaginable danger, nobody anticipates the greater repercussions.

As Rhoyan journeys far across the seas on his appointed trial, he will battle creatures of legend, suffer shipwreck, endure captivity, and lay claim to a fallen star. When tragedy strikes, Rhoyan must struggle to return home believing his quest has failed. However,  the home he left no longer awaits him and the true test of his strength and character has only just begun.

Long before Aom-igh needed a champion, Llycaelon had a Second Son.


*This book was free on Kindle on Amazon.com. I was excited to get it…and very pleased with what I read.

*This book is exactly what I personally like in a fantasy fiction book. Nice blend of magic, mystical creatures, sibling love/rivalry, and family.

*It’s also a clean read! YAY!!!! (When I say clean, I mean clean. No language, explicit content, suggestions of explicit content, or anything in that realm.) There IS magic. I like magic, but I know there are people out there who aren’t going for that. But seriously, it’s fantasy fiction.)

My Praise:

  • The book was exciting and suspenseful, making me want to know what happens to Rhoyen and Ky.
  • The author does a great job switching from Rhoyen to Ky (although it is written primarily form Rhoyen’s perspective) and giving you their feelings.
  • At many moments, I felt for both Rhoyen and Ky, although I got mad at both of them at various times as well. If the author is able to make you LIVE with the characters (or better yet, BE the characters!)–they are probably a good writer.
  • I got themes that could be hinting at Biblical thinking. For example: they have someone who is the deity in the story. But there are no references to other gods…and so I naturally concluded given the information…that they only have one God. The fact that the author is a Christian could have something to do with it 🙂 !

My Critique/Complaints:

(this particular story has more complaining from a heartbroken reader than any real critique.) 🙂 😦
  •  At first there was a lot of brotherly love…then my heart broke as you watched the distance come between the brothers’ relationship. WAAAAAA!!!!!
  • I was slightly upset at Rhoyen for the rare moments when he let his temper show. Although, I guess it’s good that he was actually a real person with real faults.
  • OKAY. I’ll just admit it! When I love a book it’s hard for me to critique it. I’m having trouble finding anything wrong with this book. I liked it too much. 


Yes, buy this book. I think it’s still free (on Kindle) and up for grabs right now on Amazon– but you’d have to check. Just to conclude:

Great book, characters, engaging plot, suspenseful buildup, 5 STARS.


The Glory of Christ

A Puritan Paperback

By John Owen

My Rating- 5 stars


*Unless you think it’s sacrilegious to write in a book, I would recommend highlighting your favorite quotes. There are a lot that I think you’ll find worth re-reading.

Owen is a master of reformed theology. But forget that bit of controversial lingo…Owen is a Bible-believing Christian! When people say things about the reformed like: “Oh, so you’re the frozen chosen, huh?” “You’re the people that believe I’m going to hell if I don’t believe what you believe…” and the list goes on and on. Now let me ask you a question: Do you believe the Bible? If you are a Christian, you must answer ‘yes’ to that question. Why? Because the Bible is the inerrant, infallible, inspired Word of God. And if you don’t believe what God’s Word says, you don’t believe God. Another question: Do you believe the Bible makes mistakes or is contradictory? If you are a Christian, you must answer ‘No’ to that question. Because YOUR FAITH, what you claim to believe is/ must be grounded on the Bible alone. Sola Scripture– Scripture ALONE. If it’s not, your faith crumbles to the ground. You are made a laughingstock to the nations. (Okay, so people already laugh at you for being a Christian, but if your faith is full of holes and inconsistencies– that’s all the worse! We are supposed to be ready to give an answer for the hope that lies within us.).

Sorry for that trailing off. In short, (nods to John Calvin AGAIN:) ) Owen believes the Bible, and has been very helpful in expounding Christ’s glory.


  • Rich in theme and content.
  • Abridged and made easy to read by R.J.K Law. *Nod to those who are a little scared of reading Owen unabridged and in his old style of writing*. (Including myself!)
  • In the Bible the subject of God’s glory is a huge one! Moses says: “Show me your glory.”. Apparently, even HE wanted to know. The Bible makes it clear that to behold the Son (and His glory) is to behold the Father (and His glory).

Jesus said to him, “I am the way, and the truth, and the life. No one comes to the Father except through me. ~John 14:6, ESV. (Emphasis my own)

Philip said to him, “Lord, show us the Father, and it is enough for us.” Jesus said to him, “Have I been with you so long, and you still do not know me, Philip? Whoever has seen me has seen the Father. How can you say, ‘Show us the Father’? Do you not believe that I am in the Father and the Father is in me? The words that I say to you I do not speak on my own authority, but the Father who dwells in me does his works.  Believe me that I am in the Father and the Father is in me, or else believe on account of the works themselves. ~John 14:8-11, ESV. (emphasis my own, my PRECIOUS. 🙂 )


  • Favoritest Quote from the book that comes to mind:

“Only a sight of His (Christ’s) glory, and nothing else, will truly satisfy God’s people. The hearts of believers are like a magnetized needle which cannot rest until it is pointing north. So also, a believer, magnetized by the love of Christ, will always be restless until he or she comes to Christ and beholds His glory.”~ the Glory of Christ, By John Owen, Pg. 2.

Yes, it’s a simple quote. But sometimes simple is what we really need to get the point across!

Our church is studying this in what we call our ‘Covenant Discipleship Hour’. We are almost done… and it has been such a blessing! One thing that helps me is to jot down whatever really sticks in my mind– so that I won’t soon forget it.


Yes, I would recommend this book. Read it, and be filled with Christ’s glory–and thus the Father’s as well.



Monday Book Reviews


Today I will be reviewing two books. And the chosen are….Dauntless by Dina L. Sleiman, and The Fragrance of Geraniums by Alicia G. Ruggieri.



By Dina L. Sleiman

Valiant Heart Series book # 1

My rating- 3.4 stars



I enjoyed this book. But it drove me crazy! Partly because the theology wasn’t very good. None of the characters have a proper view of God. Also because it was one of those ‘love triangle’ things. The main character is very fickle. One second she’s like decided against one guy…then the next she’s back with him (in her thoughts). Then when she’s at a castle she’s determined to enjoy her time with the other guy although she’s certain it won’t work with him. AARGH! I know we’re fickle creatures…but couldn’t she just make up her mind? Like I said, the theology isn’t very good. The main character is pretty much a fair-weather fan. Like seriously? It’s not true faith if you believe in God based upon what’s going on in your life. I almost think it would’ve turned out better if there was zero faith in it. Well…almost. I like Allan OKAY. But he doesn’t have a proper view of God either.

Though once a baron’s daughter, Lady Merry Ellison is willing to go to any lengths to protect the orphaned children of her former village. Dubbed “The Ghosts of Farthingale Forest,” her band of followers soon become enemies of the throne when they hijack ill-gotten gold meant for the king.

Timothy Grey, ninth child of the Baron of Greyham, longs to perform some feat so legendary that he will rise from obscurity and earn a title of his own. When the Ghosts of Farthingale Forest are spotted in Wyndeshire, where he serves as assistant to the local earl, he might have found his chance. But when he comes face-to-face with the leader of the thieves, will he choose fame or love?


But it’s interesting to read if you’re in the mood for something interesting. Just don’t let their theology depress you.


The Fragrance of Geraniums

By Alicia G. Ruggieri

A Time of Grace Book # 1

My rating- 5 stars



I LOVED this book! The first half was depressing. But I loved the gospel in the second half. It was very encouraging to me personally. Grace has a hard life, and she doesn’t handle herself well…but yet through the ministry of some friends she makes along the way…she hears the gospel. I thoroughly enjoyed this book. Yes, the witnessing style is all about how ‘God loves you’. But they still present the sinner’s state rather well.

Grace Picoletti has nothing going for her – but she’s determined to succeed in life, nonetheless. Born to severe destitution, she claws her way up from the pit of family shame and secrets. She avoids close friendships – even with the likable, persistent Paulie Giorgi…

Despite her own agonizing emotional pain, childless Emmeline Kinner reaches out to a young woman so far beneath her. She could never have known whom else God would set in her path through her friendship with Grace…

Long ago, Sarah Picoletti resigned herself to a loveless, abusive life – and she believes that her daughter Grace must inherit the same fate. Yet Sarah’s own soul cries out for the blessed peace and hope of which the radio minister speaks…


This is the overview of the book found on Amazon.com – if you hop over there you can get the book free! It’s free on kindle (I got it in the kindle store), but beware! It’s not gonna’ be there for much longer. So quick! Get the book for FREE before it’s too late.

This book is really good at showing suffering.

Adult Content: There are no inappropriate scenes. However, there are insinuations…and things which SUGGEST adult content. But all in all, I wouldn’t consider it serious enough to not read the book.






Book Reviews…

Welcome to the newest book review post! Today is gonna’ be an odd one, too. Because my recommendations are two coloring books! I like them. Very detailed and relaxing.


Living Wonders Color Art

For Everyone


My rating- 5 stars


So relaxing. So much detail. Lots of fun…I love how the coloring pages are centered on different animals. I love swirling colors on the coloring pages. If you like detailed coloring- this may be for you. Of course, there are so many coloring books out there. But I would heartily recommend this one to you.


Live Loved

Craft God’s Word Into Your Heart Through Creative Expression

By Margaret Feinberg

My Rating- 5 stars


That first picture is the front cover of the coloring book. The other one is the 2nd page that I colored (it’s an introductory page). I like this book more than others mainly because it has God’s Word on every page. It also has a devotional aspect to it. It provides a place for you to journal your thoughts on the verse. My grandma gave me a copy for a ‘just because’ gift. I love it.








WIRW| Let’s DO this!

Welcome to What I Read Wednesday.

I’ve finally decided to do a review/recommendation/book blurb thingy. Or…should you read this or shouldn’t you? 🙂 Now for the actual this.

Communion With God

A Puritan Paperback

By John Owen

My rating- 5 stars


I bought this book at the Biblical Worldview Student Conference. I knew it to be a good book- because my Dad (who is a pastor) said it was. And I trust him:). But that’s not why I’m recommending it to you, okay? I promise. I began reading it with high expectations and wasn’t sorry AT ALL. It speaks so richly of God’s love for us. It gives the gospel so clearly. I mean, after all, it’s OWEN. 🙂 If the name of the author scares you, don’t be. This book isn’t written in latin. And it’s not difficult to read. It’s CLEAR. But I will warn you- don’t read this if you don’t want to be convicted of sin in your life. It’s humbling. You start to feel your guilt. But it’s completely worth it. It’s good to be humbled. We need to be reminded of our sin, otherwise our tendency is to become proud. So yes, buy this book.

A Spy’s Devotion

A Regency Romance

By Melanie Dickerson

My rating- 4.5 stars

a spy's devotion

I gotta’ admit, I was excited. I had heard about Melanie Dickerson’s writing in glowing terms. I was just waiting to get to borrow one of her books for free on my Kindle Paperwhite. AT LAST. This one was actually okay to borrow for free.

Nicholas Langdon is a wealthy well connected British officer who has returned home to heal after a battlefield injury.  He had made a promise to fill a soldiers last dying wish and deliver a coded diary. He attends a lavish ball at the home of the Wilherns, known as one of England’s most powerful families, where he meets their beautiful and intelligent ward Julia Grey.  The diary is stolen and in route to find it, he uncovers a plot to devastate the nation of England.  Will Nicholas and Julia work together to save their country?

This is one of the product descriptions I found off the internet. Just to give you that without spoiling anything. I enjoyed reading the book. It was very romantic, I’ll just admit that right off. I mean, it is a romance novel. I found the plot to be engaging. It made me want to know how things would turn out. I was pleased that there were actually references to God in the book. It’s technically a christian read. Just please, if you’re going to read it- don’t let it swallow you into fantasy land…don’t let it take your focus off God to rest in romantic idealism. It’s enjoyable to read…just MAKE SURE you don’t let it take over your life:). But yes, if you want a clean romance…(there is a lot of kissing towards the end with the descriptions, just to give you a heads up on that) read this book. But it’s not one of those awful inappropriate romances- it’s clean. And the plot has an adventure plot towards the end. It made me ‘grip my seat’ (so to speak) as she got involved in the nation saving. Do read.