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What Life Has Been Like





Oh okay…it hasn’t beenΒ thatΒ bad. It’s been so much worse! Maybe you’ve noticed I haven’t updated y’all on my life? Well, I haven’t. I have been busy. For some reason my mind keeps on wandering around to what I’m going to do after I graduate. I generally know what I want, but now that it’s so much closer I am really just wanting to skip all this in-between stuff and get to that stage. But I’m not there yet so I need to calm down and just enjoy every stage.

What do I actually have left of high school?

I will be graduating sometime 2018. Probably earlier. The classes I currently have left are as follows.

  1. 1 math course (I’m three quarters done with this).
  2. 1 PE credit (physical exercise, this just gets covered as an everyday sort of thing πŸ˜€ ).
  3. Photography credit. (fits into the arts credit I think?)
  4. Personal finance. (Dave Ramsey financial peace university course)
  5. 1 grammar course. (not too hard)
  6. Science course—anatomy.


I really don’t have too much left. The courses are relaxedΒ sort of and it’s not too hard.


Places I’ve Gone

Recently I have done several things.

  1. Attended a (college) graduation party. (I was the ‘photographer’) πŸ˜‰




2. Babysitted a bunch of cute blondie kiddos.




3. Experimented with shutter speed and water.





4. Got cuted out by this adorable puppy (and model) ❀ . +that overcast lighting tho ❀ this photo is unedited.



5. Went to a 4th of July party.


And made a GIF of some pictures I took of a firework.


6. My little sis got bit by something??? We thought it was a snake (copperhead) Her foot (left one) was all swollen up.



7. Playtime with a cute cat that I named Hermione. We are trying to get dad to say we can have her. πŸ˜‰



8. Doing experiment eye. Taking random photos of people’s eyes.



9. Cow appreciation day~Chick-Fil-A.

photo credit: Ella Boureston.

I had planned to share a semi-dramatic before after picture from like four years ago…but I couldn’t find it.

My little sis and I went with some friends. It was fun.
And then the younger kids…and one bigger one πŸ˜‰ rode the tractor thingy outside the cfa building.


10. Doing my math every day.

im done bacon and eggs and toast2
This is my favorite thing to see when I’m done with a lesson. p.s the lesson 59 thingy doesn’t reflect which lesson I’m currently on. I have passed this up. πŸ˜†


11. Cleaning up for out friend’s arrival. And also eating healthy….

I cleaned the pantry. I have done it a few times before but it gets messy very fast.
My lunch (and dinner): Broccoli soup, onions, and chicken.


12. Indulging myself in creepy vampire editing…Β *hides in corner at creepiness…*




Emmaline Lucille (1)



My 17th Birthday| The Gifts

I never do this. Ever.

Until today.

This is a ‘what I got’ post. What I got for my birthday. My birthday is today by the way… πŸ˜€

First off…the photography stuff. Continue reading “My 17th Birthday| The Gifts”

Patchwork Quilt| A Life Update



And what does that lovely header for this post mean? Why is there a roadway? Well…friends, I went somewhere. But that will come later. I will start with a semi-comprehensive look at the past…two or three weeks? Here we go.

We had a very random snowfall that was very tiny, and melted almost immediately. I did take a photo of aΒ plant in it though…


And then a day or two after that, I got the opportunity to try out slow sync flash. You basically set a slow shutter speed (I mostly did 2 seconds or 2″) and spin in a circle while the flash fires. It makes for VERY weird photos but is nonetheless quite fun to do. And it’s especially cool if you’re outside at night.

This is not edited. This type of photography just results in looking this way. Cool, huh? Ignore how dumb I look πŸ˜‰ .

You can also use objects. I did this one in my studio/office.

I love how the flash freezes the water.

And then after a few days it was time to go to a conference! This is photo from in the car.


Then we got to the hotel…which wasn’t awful. But I still don’t really like it.


And this is a room at the conference building that I like hanging out in. It’s sort of become a cliche for me, since we’ve gone for three years now.
And snacks and drinks were provided at the break times.
And outside the building there is this lovely bed of pansies.
And then there was this trip home. And we were all exhausted.

More Recently…

On Saturday, we were at the YMCA–when mom told us we were going on vacation NOW. We hadn’t packed. We didn’t even know where we were going…and our family of eight had two hours to pack. And one of those hours we would have people over. But…those people happen to be the family I am getting to do a newborn photo session with. So this was my first opportunity to get a peek at baby Eva Marie. And she’s adorable! I think the session is on Friday. I’m going for a studio look.

Look, she has hair!Β 

Our 1 and a 1/4 day ‘vacation’ was to our grandparents house. One night my grandpa showed me his father’s old film camera a bunch of other cool stuff that went with it. Sometime, I want to try film.




The I decided to try an interesting technique using a tiny fisheye lens.

No photoshop required!


Then we were home. And I took some pictures of our red bud tree.IMG_6006.JPG

Then some photos of unnamed one πŸ™‚



And that’s pretty much all that I’ve been up to for fun.

What have y’all been doing?

Have you ever gone on unexpected vacations?


“Snow Day”| A Life Update



Last y’all heard I was pining away for a good snowfall to play in. This post is to tell you…I got one! Now I want a better one though. Several inches this time? Please?…. πŸ™‚ .

But this post will also be giving you some other updates on my life currently.

1. SNOW!!!!

I already did a post on Lucillian Photography called Snow PortraitsΒ which you can take a look at if you haven’t already. Here are some random ones that I’m pretty sure are NOT on my other blog.

p.s These are blissfully unedited πŸ™‚ .Β IMG_2706.JPG





And this is a ‘beautiful’ underexposed photo. Oh well. It’s funny anyways. πŸ™‚


2. The ‘Horrors’ of High School.

I am balancing a fairly big workload right now in school. Thankfully, I have deadlines so I’m not stuck on one thing for forever.


Not pictured: several other things, the most notable of which is my math course for this year. I am NOT posting a picture of that πŸ™‚ .Β 


3. Taking Silhouette Photos.

One thing I am semi-obsessed with right now in photography- silhouettes. They’re not those impressive sunset silhouettes. They’re just window silhouettes.Β I’m only posting one of them because I want the rest for another post later on.





4. Blowing Things Up.

Now, lest you think I am secretly an atomic bomb keeper–I am speaking ofΒ accidentally blowing up a half-boiled egg in the microwave and having to clean up the colossal mess that ensued. πŸ™‚


5. Shooting People While They Shoot Others.

This is another heading which could get me into ‘trouble’. But y’all know about the fun kids have shooting each other with Nerf guns?

Sorry about the graininess of the photo. Our house has really bad lighting late at night (aka- after the sun sets). I had to compromise with the ISO and the shutter speed. The result? The above photo 😦 πŸ™‚ πŸ˜‰ .Β 

6. My Mild Obsession With Photographing These Roses.

When our friends were over Mr. H bought his wife some roses. I was so thrilled as I love roses (yeah, they weren’t for me, lol.) because now I could take some photos. They actually lasted pretty long. The very last photo is the last photo I got to take of them before they met their demise 😦 Β .







7. Everyday Life πŸ™‚ .



And that’s a wrap!


What have y’all been up to?

What little things do you do during the week?

Do you like this type of post?



Vacation|Part One|11/2


I am back. Yay! I’m honestly not quite sure how I’m going to manage this…

But here’s what I’m thinking of doing. There will be six parts to this post, because there were technically six days of vacation for us. This first post is a primer post, meaning that it focuses on the trip there. This will be the SHORTEST post out of the six, just to warn you. I came back with a grand total of 300 pictures and 7 videos in my memory card. πŸ™‚ And I’m actually congratulating myself on the ‘small’ amount. But that silliness aside…

Welcome toΒ Vacation| Part One| 11/2Β !!Β 

Let’s get started.


Boredom…(conquered!) πŸ™‚


So an hour before we left I took this picture of my breakfast, which was superb. A sweet muffin with maple syrup and melted butter in the center. And a homemade smoothie. πŸ™‚
Our boredom led to a spray of silliness…so we started fooling around with the fish eye setting on my camera. My little sister E. also had a fish eye setting on hers so she snapped photos of N. (my brother) and I. So she has some ‘juicy’ photos of us hiding somewhere.
But here’s E. looking very distorted. What! No photos of me looking weirdly distorted? Am I too bashful, or just naughty? Well…
My friends, I am NOT scared or bashful. I may be naughty (almost all the time) sometimes…but today isn’t one of them.
A fish eye ‘groupie’. That’s the end of the people fish eye photos. Even I am aware how boring it gets πŸ™‚ .
“I want you to vacation in Virginia!” πŸ™‚ This is NOT a fish eye photo. It’s just a weird angle.
E. was freezing the entire trip there. She was in this blanket for pretty much the whole way. But she rather proudly displays her keds socks anyway πŸ™‚ .
This is just one of many photos you’ll probably see displayed somewhere on Lucillian Photography.
Took this photo while rolling along inside our car. I was surprised at the clarity, seeing as though we were inside a car.
Another of the ‘inside-the-car’ photos.
E. shows me a photo of her and Hank, as she tells me about their dramatic week-long parting. πŸ™‚
The sights from the car…
And with a little zoom in and change of focus πŸ™‚ . I think this was in Knoxville.


And a fish eye of the road across from us.


I promised it would be the shortest post in this series…and it is. So that’s part one.








Blogger Review Program?

Hey guys!

I have this leetle tag on my blog now…and it’s a blogger reviewer button! Yep, I’m joining a blogger reviewer program. If you are wondering…it’s Bethany house’s review program. I am already on the list to receive a book (which I am watching the mail for expectantly).

How it Works

  1. You sign up.
  2. You give them (Bethany house) some basic information on yourself.
  3. You give them the link to your blog.
  4. You get a monthly newsletter with titles that are up for review.
  5. You select the book you want to review (it’s first come first serve, as they only have so many copies to deal out.).
  6. It shows up eventually, and you read it.
  7. You post an honest review on your blog and a retailer website.
  8. You submit a form for the book on Bethany house’s website.
  9. You get to keep the book!

*There is more information on this site. Also be sure to check out their FAQ page.


So anyway…expect to start seeing Bethany house book reviews. There will only be ONE once a month, unless I decide to review a non-fiction title as well.


Are any of you guys on blogger reviewer programs?

What is your favorite genre to book review?

To read?



Minuet in G for Ukulele

Hey Guys!

I TOLD you I would be back. And I also told you I would post Ukulele stuff. If you’re not interested, that’s okay. You don’t have to read this…you can just click the handy-dandy little ‘delete’ button. πŸ™‚ But here I have a piece that I printed off the good ole’ internet. It’s my favorite one to play…and I’m almost ready to say I have it down. I want to actually memorize it though. Here it is:



As you can see…I snagged this leetle freebie off of . One thing that I have found harder is finding FREE uke music that isn’t easy peasy. I want a small challenge. I want to ACTUALLY get better. And so I am happy to have found this piece.

For any of you who play piano…the melody line at the top is for the piano. I like having that piano melody line up there. It helps me to figure out how the piece should sound on my uke. I also play piano. Not very well…and I don’t take lessons anymore. But I know enough to make it helpful for my uke practice.

p.s- I have a soprano ukulele. This piece should work for tenor, and soprano ukuleles.

Any uke players out there?

Do you know any websites with free uke music (not chords)?

Anyone like Bach’s Minuet in G?

Would anyone like to see more uke stuff?