(L.P) Day, Twilight, Golden Hour, Sunset, & Night

So…I haven’t done this in a while (I got lazy).

But there is a new post on Lucillian Photography. And it’s the first of it’s kind. So…if you want to see it…you should click here.


It will hopefully show you some strong lighting that features five stages of the day.

Day, Golden Hour (2nd), Twilight, Sunset, and Night.


p.s. If you look at the post there’s a surprise at the end of it 😀 .

Matthew & Jessica (L.P)

I feel for y’all right now.

I am such a bad girl. I am literally promising y’all that this is the LAST post until I return from vacation. This is the end! 🙂

But anyways, I did a short (and not necessarily successful) anniversary photo shoot with Mom and Dad today. They will be celebrating 21 years this December.

Side announcement: I will be using TWO cameras on my vacation (hopefully). A dear friend is letting me borrow indefinitely her camera. Her camera is better than mine (uh-hem–my sister’s) although not drastically so. I am hoping to be able to get better lake shots with it than mine would take. And panoramas! I LOVE panoramas, but mine doesn’t have that setting on it. 😦

post mom and dad.jpg


Enough of that ramble. If you want to check out the post click here.


Open Fields of Grace (L.P)



I am actually going on vacation…tomorrow. This is a heads up that there’s a new post on Lucillian Photography called the Open Fields of Grace. Check it out here.



Fall Photography


This is where we get into the fall mood. Whether or not the weather is fall feeling to you, the leaves are falling–and to me that equals fall. 🙂

And so I went outdoors to take a few snappings. I took some ‘timies’ (my way of getting around having to call them selfies, I set the timer and they’re way more professional than holding the camera out in front of you.) of me…because I was model-less. Although I had Hank, who insisted on photobombing the few pictures that actually turned out.

And this is Hank. This is a rare photo of him. Normally he photobombs all our photos, but won’t stand still for HIS. 🙂


And here’s a photo of me, one of the very few that worked–thanks to Hank. I love you, BTW, Hank! 🙂 (But NOT because you photobomb all my pictures!)



I thought this turned out to be a neat blurring. And I LOVE the bokeh lights in the background. And I like the orange earrings my lil’ sis Ellie made me…very good fall color.

Like I said, this is an irregular post. I don’t make a practice of taking ‘timies’ or ‘selfies’ and posting them. But I am committed to trying different types of photography…and the self-portrait is one of them. And mind you, the self-portrait isn’t the easiest to do (especially if you don’t have a pro camera and a tripod).

Hank again. I edited this to be a black and white photo.

Fall bonuses…



Some pineapple sage in bloom.
A rusty old sun thingy we have hanging up on our front porch.
And finally…”Sunlight through the trees”.

Thanks for letting me ramble on and show you these pictures. I always enjoy seeing them on my blog because they look so much nicer.


Do you ever take photos?

What’s your absolute favorite genre of photography?

What’s one photography skill you wish you had?

What  photography skill are you working on?