Bathed In Light (L.P)

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Another golden hour post, sorry this is late–most of you have probably already seen it. 🙂

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Vacation| Part 4| 11/5

Welcome to PART FOUR!!!


I’ll just start off this post with a nice, relaxed photo of the room where a bunch of us stayed…

And…it’s messy. But I thought it’d be fun to take a panoramic view of the room with my friend’s camera. I’ll just call it ‘mine’ in the future, okay? 🙂


Then we picked up Uncle Adam and went to Steel Creek Park to do the ‘roosters front’ hike, which is just a nice, little 20 minute hike.

Benjamin, Josiah, and Ellie were playing tag. Until…
…Benjamin fell on top of this bar and BENT it. He managed to injure his leg (and obviously the pole 🙂 )
Hiking down the trail.
Then there was this steep hill that some of us wanted to climb up while waiting for Caleb to fetch H’s water bottle.
Then they all came tumbling down!
Then the trail went down this steep downhill thing…and we came to a pretty lake.
The long way photo of the lake…



The waterfall, and my crazy relatives crossing it. I tried, but I was wearing flip-flops which kept slipping. Not to mention I had two cameras which kept almost falling out.
The view from the top of the hill.


And then we walked back to the car. And went home.


NOTE: It turns out I got a little confused. There will only be FIVE parts to this post series. There isn’t a part six! Sorry for the confusion. Part five will have the last few photos in it, and also a mini recap of our vacation week in it. There will also be a few photos from around the week that weren’t posted before. Thanks for bearing with me.



Vacation| Part Three| 11/4

Welcome to Vacation| Part Three| 11/4 !!



Bright and early the kids were up playing games, so I took a picture of cousin Emmett. He looks like he can’t decide to cry or smile 🙂 .
And this one hasn’t been posted anywhere until now.


Yeah, then we all went swimming in the lake…and found a dead fish that a blue heron had left. Sorry, the blue heron didn’t stick around for me to take a picture of. 😉
And there were flowers down there…I reused a picture. 🙂
And here’s a picture I haven’t posted before on either website. It was a dried out former flower of some kind, I think.
And here’s E. (the brave one), in the freezing water. I got into it too–later. But seriously! It was                                                                                                                          F R E E Z I N G.



Theo just barely got his feet in and was squealing. “Theo, I don’t blame you at all. You really were the bright one to not get in all the way…” BRRR…

Then our cousins went home, and we did whatever until later. Then we went to their house to pick them up so we could go to State Street. You stand on one side of State Street and you’re in Virginia, the other side–and you’re in Bristol.

At our relatives house, our friend Benjamin–played around with Emmett who actually had a smile on his face. 
Steven and Nathanael talking in the car on the way to State Street.
Mom took a picture of H. and I with the ‘Sidetrack Tobacco’ Indian. My apologies for the blurriness!
H., Uncle Adam, and B. talk about this interesting guy with the guitar. 
Along our walk we eventually came upon this park, and it has some 1940’s statue people. 
Here’s the girl. I have portraits of all of them, but I think I’ll save the men for later 🙂
I went walking around the park, and came upon this neat piece of aircraft. I guess it’s probably supposed to be WWll as well. Someone painted a shark face on it 😀 .
H. and Emmett. 


And there’s this nice little place in the park where you can just sit down and relax.
And then H. held a leaf…
Emmett kept dragging Chica (the chihuahua) around on this leash. Chica didn’t appreciate Emmett’s controlling her. 😉
Get a load of the LOOK on Chica’s face, See? She’s not enjoying herself.
Then J. showed me a little body of water…with some ducks in it. The ducks kept moving though.
The water was gorgeous, and all those reflections–not to mention the fall colors.Yeah, the telephone lines are annoying…but I suppose there wasn’t much I could’ve done about that 🙂
The leaves are so pretty in the fall.
As we were walking back to the car, we came upon this lovely old episcopal ( 🙂 )church. 
And J. got up by the red door on the other side. 


And that’s what we did on 11/4!


Vacation|Part Two| 11/3

Welcome to part two of my vacation posts!

Vacation| Part Two| 11/3 

This post covers the happenings of day two (part two) which happened November the 3rd.

Pretty much the first thing I did on 11/3 after having lunch, was to head out to snap some photos of the marigolds in our relatives’ front yard. It was a great opportunity and I love marigolds!
BTW I am only posting my least favorite marigold pictures. My most favorite are getting posted on Lucillian Photography.


Then right after I took those photos, our cousins Steven, Theo, and Emmett came over. They played games with my siblings…


N. tried to put the kiddie hoop back up, but he had trouble all by himself.
So E. came to lend a helping hand…but…
Sometimes, it takes more than one to get the job done 🙂 !
Sometimes when a set of little, determined feet get at the ball and run with it…it’s best not to try to take it. 🙂
See what I mean? Those little guys never give up! It’s like Smeagol with his ‘precious’… 🙂 .

Later in the day I spent some time down by the lake. I enjoyed taking some photos of it…and the flowers and shells, of course.

If you click on this photo, it will send you off to the Boone Lake post on Lucillian Photography. That post contains the lake photos from several different days though. I’ll just skip to some shell/flower photos next.




Hand and feet prints are always something I have been rather fascinated with. I always like impressions, and things of that kind.
This is just a quick photo of the lake–which I’m posting here because I decided not to post it on Lucillian Photography. I try not to reuse too many pictures.
So I know that these are technically poke berries, but I prefer to call them ‘nightlock’. 🙂



Then apparently I went a little crazy and started taking photos of all the beautiful flowers around the property. I’m going to go easy on the pictures at this point because there’s another post on Lucillian Photography that I’m working on right now 🙂 .


Then I grabbed J. for a few fast photos. I don’t like the angle on this one, but the background is nice.
And this is just a nice natural, earthy shot. I almost wanted to plop on the ground and have a nap in the grass. Almost 😉 . 
And this one is just funny. 



It’s amazing how quickly the sun sets after the golden hour now. It didn’t take long at all, and you could literally watch the sun set…


And there was night.


Boone Lake (L.P)

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This is just a quickie saying that there’s a new post on Lucillian Photography !! It’s called Boone Lake. As you may or may not know from another recent post…that’s one of the places we were at during our one-week vacation. It’s a beautiful lake, and a lovely childhood memory for me.


So check it out if you’d like 🙂




Matthew & Jessica (L.P)

I feel for y’all right now.

I am such a bad girl. I am literally promising y’all that this is the LAST post until I return from vacation. This is the end! 🙂

But anyways, I did a short (and not necessarily successful) anniversary photo shoot with Mom and Dad today. They will be celebrating 21 years this December.

Side announcement: I will be using TWO cameras on my vacation (hopefully). A dear friend is letting me borrow indefinitely her camera. Her camera is better than mine (uh-hem–my sister’s) although not drastically so. I am hoping to be able to get better lake shots with it than mine would take. And panoramas! I LOVE panoramas, but mine doesn’t have that setting on it. 😦

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Enough of that ramble. If you want to check out the post click here.