People Post #8: Arwen Undumiel


Been forever, I know! Here’s Arwen. I’m actually really and totally at People Post #8!!!

Gotta’ confess I’m kinda’ out of  practice when it comes to people. AARH! But, I tried.

I drew ‘Arwen’ with 2b and 9b prismacolor pencils.

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Sorry the pics are so grainy!


p.s. Lovin’ WordPress’ new slideshow option!!!!

People Post #7: Cosette from Les Miserables


I can’t believe I’m already at People Post #7!!! Right now I’m going to share Cosette from Les Miserables!

Never watched it (again) but it was (again) very fun to draw. I drew it at art class.

Cosette Full-length
Cosette Full-length
And the photo my drawing is based off of...
And the photo my drawing is based off of…

So…okay. That’s it!

Do you like it? Any ideas for next drawing?