BHBR| Bountiful Blessings +WC Crayons

Well, look who’s back!

That’s right.

It’s me.

For any who may be wondering where I was… I was at a conference.

It’s the same conference I mentioned in this post from March 2017. (one year ago!)

I didn’t really take any photos this time.

Just a very few, although I suppose I didn’t last time either, there just isn’t much time. 😀

Anyway, I am here to review a devotional/ coloring book from Bethany House. 

(and also show you some watercolor crayons which a friend was so sweet as to give me…)

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BHBR | The Sound of Rain| +60 follows

Hey guys!

I am here with a book review {the last post before I disappear for some vacation time 😉 }…on The Sound of Rain, by Sarah Loudin Thomas.

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BHBR| Cherished Mercy

Finally here to catch up on my latest book review from Bethany House, and also to wrap up my reviews on the trilogy Heart of the Frontier!

p.s I am soon going on vacation so I will probably show back up with more vacation posts like the last time my family went on vacation! But this time I have my DSLR so both Crystal Ice Studio and Lucillian Photography will probably be spammed with an inordinate amount of photos. 😆

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BHBR| How to Listen so People Will Talk

Note: I am so sorry for making this post so late, Bethany House! I am doing my best to catch back up!

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BHBR| The Promise of Dawn

Hereeee I am for another Bethany House book review! I have been falling behind in a lot of my internet-y stuff (I’m in for a life update 😉 ) mostly due to my school which I’m trying to do faithfully every day. It’s my last year and I WANT. TO. BE. DONE. FOREVER.

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BHBR| The Chapel Car Bride

Howdy! (next time I’ll say ‘salutations’ 🙂 )

Here’s the newest one from Bethany House, and also my book review for April. Basically, if I’m quick at the draw…I’ll have one book from them a month. If I don’t want to review any of the options they have (which I’ve done before)…then I don’t 😀 .

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BHBR| Treasured Grace


I am now reviewing my third book for Bethany House! The first one was Shadow of the Storm by Connilyn Cossette, the second was Quick Tips for Busy Families by Jay Payleitner, and this (the third) is…Treasured Grace by Tracie Peterson. So let’s just run into this here review.

Treasured Grace

Heart of the Frontier Book #1.

By Tracie Peterson

My rating- 5 stars

treasured grace.jpg

I loved this book! It was such an exciting novel to read. I love the cover (as a side note 😀 ), and the time period is one of great interest to me. This is the first Tracie Peterson book I have ever read, and I like it. The reason I haven’t read much of Tracie’s work is simply that I’m not much into western stuff. And a lot of her stuff seems to be western.  I don’t (so far) like western romances as much. I’m not into mail order brides. It’s just not my thing. But this…yep. This got me. Prairie days are much more thrilling for me.

Let’s go back to the days of Indians…

//I love the setting. Wagon trains, sickness, prairie dangers, and beautiful country. It all appeals to me.

//The main character. Grace is a neat person. She’s strong, and kind, and is a healer. She cares for people as a life calling. But she’s not perfect…and I love how she develops. 

//The pain. The story does a good job building tension and getting you excited. I started dreading what was probably coming. If you like…you can read the synopsis- and figure out what I was dreading happening. After THE event of the story there is so much hurt and scars, and it makes the reader feel sad 😦 .  

//Good story line. I felt that the plot was engaging, and it just kept going. The dialogue was delightful as well. 

//Age line. Because of several things that occur in the story which are suggestive, I would recommend this book for 13+ or the discretion of the parent. (It would be discretion of the parent or guardian regardless! 🙂 ) 

//Faith. This book is Christian Historical Fiction. I thought the faith was much better emphasized in this book than in most other books of its genre. And believe me…you would need a strong faith to survive such trials!

So…I will probably borrow some more Tracie Peterson from our local library soon. I think maybe not all of her stuff is Western? I know that a lot of it IS, but then- maybe someone else out there has read some of her westerny ones and liked them? I’m sure they’re good. 😉

*This book actually arrived earlier than I was expecting it to (thumbs up to Bethany House for promptness!). So I actually was able to finish reading it at the conference I attended the 14-16. And I finished it so fast…because it was amazing. It kept me under it’s power the entire time. I don’t think I experienced any boredom at all.


WIRW #6.


It’s time for another installment of What I Read Wednesday ! We are on #6. Today I will be reviewing Wuthering Heights by Emily Bronte– and Grow in Grace by Sinclair B. Ferguson.

Wuthering Heights

by Emily Bronte

Apple Classics (scholastic)

My rating- 3.5 stars


PB160050 (1).JPG


This is one of the most interesting, disturbing, and depressing books I have ever read. It all started at the dentist’s office. The lady who was cleaning my teeth was asking questions about books (why those people ask you questions when your mouth is full of water is beyond me 🙂 ) and mentioned having to read Wuthering Heights in high school when she was a girl. I had heard of Wuthering Heights before, but had never read it. After the dentist, mom and I went (of all places) to the BOOK STORE. It was just a little bitty store…but what did I see on the shelf? You guessed it–this book.

My thoughts…

// This is a tragedy, but not the tragedy it’s advertised to be. Supposedly, this is a romantic tragedy where two people who are in love are ‘cruelly’ torn asunder. But…the real tragedy is definitely the sin displayed in the book.

// Heathcliff. I am sorry, y’all–Heathcliff is simply not a likable character. End of story. 🙂 His mean temperament, his selfishness, his cruelty. Ugh. He’s not a night-in-shining-armor.

// The only characters I like are minor. Yep. If that tells you anything about the characters…they’re not a nice lot.

//The depressing worldview. The whole romance is just…ohhhhhhhhhhhh nooooo. 😦

//The slow beginning. Need we day any more?

//But it was interesting. Despite all my other points…it WAS interesting. I didn’t stop reading it but instead persevered despite it’s depressingness and slow beginning. I would definitely  suggest an age start. Probably be a teen before you read it. It’s sort of morbidly depressingly dark.


Grow In Grace

By Sinclair B. Ferguson

My rating- 5 stars



This is the book that I was given shortly after professing my faith publicly. I liked the book then and I still like it now. Sinclair Ferguson is very good at practically applying things and making them simple (yes, he can probably make them complicated too 🙂 ) without dumbing them down.

Some bullet thoughts…

// Good for younger ages. I think the first time I ever read this was when I was twelve. It’s really a great book for (almost) all ages.

//Using Bible characters. I love how the book uses Bible ‘heroes’ as examples. Although it’d important to note that they were used by God and not ‘heroes’ in and of themselves. My favorite chapter is on Jesus 🙂 .

//Straightforward and clear. ‘Nough said.

//Great book on the topic for new believers. I would highly recommend this book for new believers or younger olders (age range 12 and up).




Have you ever read books on the topic of ‘growth in grace’?

Have you read either of these books?

What’s the most depressing book you’ve ever read?




My To-Read Bookshelf


Ever wondered how I decide which book is the next in my ‘reading’ list? Well…you’ve come to the right place. Many people call this kind of a post ‘what’s on my bookshelf’. But I’ll just call it ‘My To-Read Bookshelf’. Most of the books on this shelf are books that I have recently bought and am planning to read. But I admitted to myself…that I need a shelf and a schedule for these books. The shelf part’s down…but the schedule? To be determined.

IMG_0001 (2).jpg

The books to the left are ones that I’m already reading. And I’m reading them…

…V E R Y  S L O W L Y.

I can see the need for a coordinated schedule. Because, I really am spreading myself too thin. I need that schedule and then I need to write more in my reading journal so that I can better process my thoughts. There are various factors to consider in constructing a reading schedule. Here’s a little list:

  1. How many books per month? I think one is a good starting place 🙂
  2. Which ones are good for devotions? Several of the books I don’t want on the actual schedule. Some are more devotional than others. I’m thinking specifically of the 365 Days with Calvin book. I’m starting that for my devotions (Deo Volente) in January 2017.
  3. Are there other books that I’ll have as required reading for school? Um-yes. I get a new one monthly because I do Gileskirk by Dr. George Grant. So far I’ve done reviews on Augustine’s Confessions and Beowulf. But I know for sure there are more books. And I have the occasional review to do from Bethany House, as well.


The List…

//Pilgrim Theology, by Michael Horton

Status: Reading (not actively)

//The Peacemaker, by Ken Sande

Status: Reading (not actively)

//The Christ-Centered Preaching of Dr, Martyn Lloyd Jones, by  Martyn Lloyd Jones 🙂

Status: Reading (not actively)

// Ann Judson Missionary Wife, by Arabella Stuart

Status: Reading (half-way through, but not actively)

// Katharine Parr, by Brandon G. Withrow

Status: Reading (almost done)

// When People are BIG and God is Small, by Edward T. Welch

Status: Reading (almost done)

//Wuthering Heights, by Emily Bronte

Status: Reading (almost done)

//The Door in the Wall, by Marguerite DE Angeli

Status: Reading (not actively, but almost done)

//The Glory of Christ, by John Owen (why is this on the shelf? I am re-reading the later portion of the book 🙂 )

Status: Read. (re-reading later portion)

//Communion With God, by John Owen

// The Piety of John Calvin, translated and edited by Ford Lewis Battles

Status: Reading snippets. (parts of book being read, but not the entirety all through)


The ones I am not reading yet…

// The Doctrine of Repentance, by Thomas Watson

// The Heart of Christ, by Thomas Goodwin

// The Lord’s Supper, by Thomas Watson

// The Holy Spirit, by John Owen

// The Mystery of Providence, by John Flavel

// The Rare Jewel of Christian Contentment, by Jeremiah Burroughs

// C.H Spurgeon’s Prayers, by Charles Haddon Spurgeon 🙂

// All of Grace, by Charles Haddon Spurgeon

// To Kill a Mockingbird, by Harper Lee

// The Resolutions of Jonathan Edwards, by Jonathan Edwards 🙂

// Calvin & Culture, edited by Hall and Padgett

// 365 Days with Calvin, selected and edited by Joel R. Beeke


*Note: there are other titles on my kindle which are on my reading list as well.


What are YOU reading right now?

Have you read any or all of the titles listed?

What book(s) would you recommend?