Give Thanks Unto the LORD

Hey guys!


I announced over at Lucillian Photography that I’m taking a break to go on vacation. Well, that’s true over here too! But I am going to get in two new posts before I leave. This post is a thanksgiving post 😀 and the other one will be reviewing my latest Bethany House book.

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Taking a Vacation



Hey guys!

This is just a quick lil’ post to inform you that I’m taking a little vacation break from the blog. I am going with my family to visit my grandparents. This means two things for me: a fun visit, and photography opportunities. I will see my cousins, and my aunt and uncle. And joy! There will be a lake and a big neighborhood full of lovely sights.

Now, another thing that has me hyped up–I haven’t even BEGUN Christmas gift preparation. I have a whole list of ideas…although nothing finalized. I have special beads which are on their way for some jewelry making. But no actual presents to show yet. And it’s NOVEMBER!!!! Ahhh… (what happens when you have seven people to make gifts for and you have nothing done, and it’s Nov.).

So, expect pictures on my return. Photography will be posted on Lucillian Photography, but announced on this blog. Life pictures will be posted here.


So, I hope you had an amazing end of October! I sure did…and I am ferociously looking forward to Thanksgiving right now. I am so ready to eat mashed potatoes, gravy, cranberry sauce, turkey, pie…(add anything delicious that you eat on thanksgiving). Yep.


So that’s just a heads up.